By Nick Biasini.

The goal of malicious activity is to compromise the system to install some unauthorized software. Increasingly that goal is tied to one thing: the user. Over the past several years, we as an industry improved exploit mitigation and the value of working exploits has increased accordingly. Together, these changes have had an impact on the threat landscape. We still see large amounts of active exploitation, but enterprises are getting better at defending against them. 

This has left adversaries with a couple of options, develop or buy a working exploit that will defeat today’s protections, which can be costly, or pivot to enticing a user to help you. In today’s threat landscape, adversaries are always trying to develop and implement the most effective lures to try and draw users into their infection path. They’ve tried a multitude of different tactics in this space, but one always stands out — current events.

In today’s world, everyone’s thoughts immediately go to COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter, since both stories have dominated the threat landscape over the last several months, but this is something that organically happens frequently on the threat landscape. So much so that organizations should include it in their threat hunting activities. This blog is going to walk through the why and how.



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