From zero-day malware to cryptojacking, from man-in-the-middle attacks to spear phishing, from ransomware to distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) attempts – businesses of all sizes and industries are the constant target of these attacks. It’s perfectly normal to find this barrage of threats overwhelming – and then there’s constant pivot between multiple security solutions required to detect, investigate and remediate.

Now imagine a world where disparate solutions do not exist. A world where there is no need to manually correlate information from various sources to build a complete picture of each potential threat. Where two clicks are all it takes to get situational awareness of the threat impact and potential scope of compromise, and the context needed to formulate an adequate response strategy.

Two clicks and done, you say?

What if you could get insights into everything going on across the network, and you could quickly baseline your environment’s normal behavior, no matter what your organization’s size or type? And what if this knowledge could also be correlated with alerts across your endpoints, firewall, web, etc. to make it easier to identify something suspicious and kick it off your network? With Cisco Threat Response, you can now convert this vision into reality. It is a key pillar of Cisco’s integrated security platform and is designed to give you the contextual awareness you need so you can see, investigate, and act on threats fast. Our obsession with connecting the dots within your network has already made Threat Response the Incident Response workbench of choice for SOCs across the world.

Get Answers, Not Alerts

An investigation can involve dozens or even hundreds of discrete data elements, multiple sources of threat intelligence and an armor of security products providing telemetry. Before Cisco Threat Response, each observable had to be investigated against each threat intel source and each network and security products individually and manually, which takes even seasoned experts a long time to do. With Threat Response, they can either simply paste all of those observables into Cisco Threat Response and it does the work for them. It brings all of that knowledge back from intel sources and security products, displaying results in seconds. From there, SOC teams can take action immediately or continue their investigation with the tools provided.

Cross-platform visibility and response powered by analytics

We all know that security analytics has become something of a buzzword, but it continues to gain positive momentum and sustain relevance. Cisco’s network security analytics solution, Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise integration with Threat Response brings the power of each to the other.

How does this work?

Stealthwatch provides agentless enterprise-wide visibility, across on-premises, as well as in all public cloud environments. Using the power of behavioral modeling, multilayered machine learning, and global threat intelligence, Stealthwatch Enterprise produces alarms on critical threats by monitoring both north-south and east-west traffic. Stealthwatch sends those alarms directly to Cisco Threat Response’s Incident Manager feature, allowing users to see those alarms alongside prioritized security alerts from other products such as Firepower devices. This communication is handled via a secure intermediary cloud service called Cisco Security Service Exchange (SSE). No internal data is bulk uploaded to the cloud; sightings and the associated metadata are sent only in response to specific queries. In this way, investigations on all IP addresses are enriched with Stealthwatch insight, regardless of the catalyst for the investigation, all delivered in seconds and in an easy to read graphical format that helps you both intuitively understand what happened and respond quickly and effectively across your entire portfolio. These incidents can then be investigated with additional context from your other threat response-enabled technologies, all in one console, with one click. This lowers the time required to perform triage and response to these alarms.


Figure1- Ability to pivot and drill-down into the Stealthwatch Management Console or choose to investigate a directly in Threat Response
Figure 2-Enrichment of Stealthwatch alarms with context from other security technologies. Block suspicious files, domains, and more–without having to log in to another product first.

The Stealthwatch -Threat Response integration bring together a number of unique differentiators for the SOC workflow. Our Cisco Security customers are able to:

  • Streamline Investigation Workflow

With ability to pivot and drill-down into the Stealthwatch Management Console and other security technologies like Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints, Cisco Threat Grid, Cisco Umbrella™, Cisco Email Security, Cisco Firepower/ NextGeneration Firewall (NGFW).

  • Enhance Collaboration with Case Book

The  casebook browser plug in allows a Stealthwatch users to leverage all the power of their configured threat response modules, right from the Stealthwatch interface via built-in pivot menus. For example, you can use it to pull IP addresses or domains from Stealthwatch interface where there’s an observable and the casebook feature of Threat response will allow you to kick off an investigation directly from your browser.

  • Accelerate Response with Incident Reporting to Threat Response

Stealthwatch automatically shares critical and major Alarms with Cisco Threat Response as Incidents which are then further enriched. You are able to tie independent product data and events together to uncover threats by investigating multiple observables across multiple data sets and products. The integration gives you the power to investigate with automated enrichment and respond with confidence directly from the Threat Response interface using products such as AMP for endpoint and Umbrella.


  • Access the Power of Analytics ( for existing Threat Response users)

With the integration, Threat Response users can now investigate entity security events sent over from Stealthwatch in cases where the potential host can be the source or target of an event. This provides granular visibility on internal network activity for suspected hosts under investigation.

Simplify to Amplify

Threat Response is designed to get you more from your Cisco Security investments by automating integrations directly out of the box. It’s also designed to dramatically cut the time and effort needed to detect, investigate, and remediate – making your SOC operations more efficient and effective.

More than 6,700 customers today are reducing the time it takes to both investigate and respond to threats across multiple security technologies with Cisco Threat Response. And it’s included as part of the Cisco Security product licenses and take under 10 minutes to get up and running in your SOC. There’s nothing more to buy.

Overwhelmed to Empowered

At every RSA conference, 600 security vendors vie for the CISO’s mindshare with no shortage of vendors offering point solutions that offer miracles for your SOC.The reality is that most organizations already have an abundance of point products designed to address specific challenges, but most of these products can’t be easily integrated to fulfill a larger and more effective security strategy. Isn’t it time for the security industry to do better? At Cisco, we think it is. We’re building a platform that redefines security powered by integrations. At the heart of our platform approach is a simple idea: security solutions should be designed to act as a team. We invite you to come with us on this journey that simplifies your experience and reduces complexity, paves the path for an integrated and open platform that strengthens operations, stays out of the way, and gives your team time back.

For more information on Cisco Threat Response, visit our webpage or create an account in the U.S.or EMEAR to get started right away.

To learn more about Cisco Stealthwatch, go to https://cisco.com/go/stealthwatch

To learn more about Cisco Threat Response, go to  https://cisco.com/go/ctr


Sana Yousuf

Product Marketing Manager

Cisco Security