If anyone feels like they are in need of a shot of wisdom and good humor, please allow me to present the latest episode of Cisco’s Security Stories podcast as a viable contender.

Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs, Cisco Duo

In this episode, I chat to the incredible Wendy Nather. Wendy will be a name familiar to many of you I’m sure, and she has an enormous amount of credibility and respect within the cybersecurity industry.

She is currently Head of Advisory CISOs at Cisco Duo.  She started her career as a security analyst and went on to lead IT security for EMEA in the investment banking division of Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS), and served as Chief Information Security Officer of the Texas Education Agency.

Wendy is very, very passionate about the topic of people. During our interview she talks candidly about how the security industry has treated users in past, and she has a very inspiring take on developing the right culture/ how we should have people’s backs.

And my favorite part of this episode has to be when when I ask her what is the one thing she wishes she could change in the security industry….it’s one heck of a response.

Also in this episode, my cohost Ben Nahorney and I have a chat about remote working, and what users and companies can do to ensure a smooth as transition as possible to home working from a security perspective.  We also talk about what some cyber criminals are doing to take advantage of the current situation, and how you can protect yourself and your data.  Our friends at Cisco Talos wrote a comprehensive blog about this topic, which you can read here.

And finally our ‘On this day’ feature is where we dig into the security archives and discuss significant events that happened in cybersecurity history. This feature is guaranteed to help you win any virtual pub quiz, as long as all the questions are about cybersecurity…and cover trivia we’ve talked about….:)

The day that we’re going to be talking about for this episode is April 1st 2009. And Ben has some personal experience in this one – he’s referenced in Wikipedia and everything! This story has many twists and turns, so strap in as Ben regales the story of the Conficker worm.

You can listen the podcast right here, or you can visit our dedicated pod page at cisco.com/go/securitystories and choose your preferred listening platform, from Apple Podcasts to Spotify to Google Podcasts.

In the meantime I’ll get back to editing the next episode, which will be out very soon!


Hazel Burton

Global Cybersecurity Product Marketing Manager, Thought Leadership

Cisco Secure