January 17, 2019 Update: Registrations for Security Operation Track are now closed. Please visit our Security Track page here to learn about our security sessions and other events at Cisco Live Barcelona.


87% of companies across Europe, Middle East and Africa admitted they have suffered a cyber attack in the past year.  27% of breaches resulted in more than half of a company’s systems being impacted.

Given this data, the focus on cybersecurity continues to increase as do the challenges for cyber security professionals.  With that in mind, we have designed a dedicated session for Security Operations professionals within the Cyber Security Day at Cisco Live 2019: The Security Operations Track.

The content will focus on threat intelligence and how it is fed into our products in real time to ensure the most effective protection against the latest threats.  We will discuss machine learning and AI and how they can help SOC professionals.  It will also include insights into the threat landscape, effective defence strategies and experiences and recommendations from Cisco’s own internal Security Operations as well as our European Security Operations Centre.

Below is the detailed agenda of the Security Operations Track session:
Cisco Live / Barcelona
January 28th 2019

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Cristina Errico

Customer Marketing Lead