As we pass the halfway point of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), I wanted to call attention to some of our colleagues over on the Cisco Government Blog. Patrick Finn and Peter Romness have been busy this month espousing the need for security and we thought it would be beneficial to expose our readers to their thoughts on security that have been published on the Cisco Government Blog space. Patrick has already authored two posts, National Cyber Security Awareness Month and Despite budget constraints, spending on cyber security set to increase according to Cisco study of government IT decision makers, while Peter has published a post titled Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Unsampled Netflow—Why It’s Important for Cybersecurity. Should you be interested in these articles or just want to visit another great Cisco blog, we highly recommend you visit the Cisco Government Blog at http://blogs.cisco.com/government/.


John Stuppi

Technical Leader

Cisco Security Research & Operations