Cisco Secure Access by Duo and Cisco Umbrella expands availability on AWS Marketplace

Cisco Secure powers security resilience enabling you to protect the integrity of your business amidst unpredictable threats and major change, such as migrating to the cloud. As a leader in cloud enablement, Cisco Secure is excited to announce the availability of our Security SaaS portfolio on AWS Marketplace. Now with the addition of Secure Access by Duo and Cisco Umbrella, you can take advantage of key marketplace differentiators, such as simple and integrated purchasing, the ability to use AWS cloud budget commitments for procurement (as part of the Enterprise Discount Program) and the flexibility of custom terms and pricing via private offers. This helps to ensure your organization is secure with the Cisco Secure portfolio.

The Duo and Umbrella solutions on AWS Marketplace protect remote and hybrid users who connect from various locations and devices and use cloud services to get work done. Both solutions deploy in minutes and integrate natively with Cisco SecureX to provide unified visibility and intuitive automation across your entire security portfolio in minutes. At the foundation of the solution is Cisco Talos threat intelligence, which is one of the largest commercial threat intelligence organizations in the world.

What is Cisco Umbrella?

As the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go, Umbrella delivers visibility into all cloud services in use across your environment and blocks all risky applications. Two Umbrella versions are available on the AWS Marketplace – Umbrella DNS Security Essentials and Umbrella DNS Security Advantage.

What is Duo?

As the foundation for a zero-trust security model, Duo’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) allows you to verify the identity of all users and the health of their devices before connecting to the applications they need. Duo is easy to use, simple to administer, and provides complete endpoint visibility.   All three Duo editions are available on the AWS Marketplace – Duo MFA, Duo Access and Duo Beyond – enabling customers to select the right solution for their needs.

What is the benefit?

Delivered from the cloud for fast deployment, Umbrella and Duo allows you to uncover shadow IT, secure the use of sanctioned cloud applications (such as those running on AWS), and offer powerful protection against phishing and other threats. Today, customers can enjoy integrated discovery and can easily purchase Duo and Cisco Umbrella to begin recognizing value immediately.

Are you ready to accelerate your journey to the cloud? Visit Duo and Umbrella on the AWS Marketplace today.

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Morgan Mann

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Security Business Group