At our Partner Summit 2020 virtual event, we announced some exciting new features that focus on Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) that would soon be available for Secure Cloud Analytics customers. A growing number of cloud resources and accounts to manage can mean more headaches for your SecOps team and leads to an expanded threat surface. What’s more, is that these public cloud resources typically span across numerous providers which can make visibility challenging. Maintaining public cloud resources goes beyond typical hardware maintenance since these are hosted environments, which brings on a new set of challenges. DevOps teams are tasked with applying hot fixes and quick adjustments to code and often are not in sync with SecOps teams, the group ultimately responsible for detecting and responding to threats.

Now, as these features are added into Secure Cloud Analytics, customers can reduce time to detect and make identifying and addressing public cloud vulnerabilities less challenging. The Secure Cloud Analytics event viewer was announced just before the holidays and now includes a “Cloud Posture” tab that allows the user to compare their public cloud accounts to various cloud posture verdicts.

Secure Cloud Analytics Event Viewer

A simple scan of your cloud accounts will show users which of their resources does not align to a variety of industry best practices and regulatory frameworks. In a few simple steps, users can identify misconfigurations or vulnerabilities:

  1. First, you would need to identify assets, or begin a search to narrow down the amount of the resources being scanned. In-line filtering allows you to search for specific cloud providers, frameworks, severity, whether or not a resource is compliant, and more. You can switch to query mode for more specific searches to hone in on specific assets.
  2. Resources that fail to meet the requirements come with a recommendation ID and built-in description that has more information on why the resource is failing, and the recommended remediation procedure.
  3. An additional scan to check and see if changes have been made will validate that resources are compliant with these standards

This additional function in the Secure Cloud Analytics event viewer adds rich, simple, and flexible visibility into the way your cloud resources are configured. So stay ahead of threats and ensure your network is configured the way you want, before an attack takes place, with Secure Cloud Analytics.

To learn more, please visit our Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics page, download our at-a-glance page to Manage Your Cloud Posture, and sign up for a 60-day free trial of  Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics today.


Matt Stauffer

Marketing Specialist

Security Marketing