Since its introduction in 2015, pxGrid has provided you an open, automated, and effective way for your disparate security technologies to work together.  In just two years we’ve added 50 separate products that you can integrate to see and stop threats faster, and demonstrate compliance.

And we’re bringing on board a mix of new technology partners to expand the diversity of your integrated defense.

Why pxGrid?cisco-pxGrid

Chances are you’re using multiple security products for different purposes – to identify devices and users, to detect vulnerabilities, to spot malware, to monitor behavior, to secure endpoints, to ensure compliance, to know and show your security posture, and to physically identify and locate things (IoT).

And chances are these products don’t work together; but that doesn’t stop you from adding more products to the mix.

You have to admit, you’d have a more efficient operation and lethal defense if you could share data between your mix of products.  But one-to-one API integrations are too limited in a world where dozens of technologies need to share data.

pxGrid is the answer.  It provides a single, open interface to integrate virtually all your security products so they can share data with any other product on the pxGrid.  This allows you to get answers and find threats faster.

You can also have a universal means to stop any vulnerability or threat and contain attacks. Using any pxGrid partners’ product and the network as an enforcer, your defense is more effective against hackers and malware.  You can have a single means to see and control any device, anywhere in the network and cloud. This capability will become even more critical as the IoT expands and your existing solutions aren’t able to control the growing multitude of devices connecting to your network.

Here is an introduction to our new partners and their integration with Cisco pxGrid.

Application Protection

arxanIoT devices and gateways are a hacker’s stepping stone to the data you need to protect.  The Arxan and Cisco pxGrid integrated solution enables applications to encrypt, self-protect, detect attacks, and trigger Rapid Threat Containment to isolate infected devices and threats.  Read their press release!

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

exabeamExabeam is an intelligence platform that helps make your current defense smarter.  It can use pxGrid to help ingest data from multiple sources, including ISE, model behaviors, identify anomalies, and then share its risk intelligence where it’s needed, such as SIEM and Analytics and also stop attacks using Rapid Threat Containment.  Check out their blog!

GreenlightGreenlight helps know who is accessing critical data and what they are doing with it.  Together with user, device and location data from ISE via pxGrid, Greenlight‘s application monitoring expands your visibility to root-out business activities that put your crown jewels at risk and take action using Rapid Threat Containment.  Check out their blog!

SIEM and Analytics

HanSightHanSight uses the contextual identity information collected from ISE via pxGrid add clarity to its big data analytic products to detect cyber breaches, financial fraud and targeted advanced persistent threats (APT) with greater accuracy. Check out their blog!


illusive networksillusive networks’ deception-based cybersecurity creates a deceptive layer across the entire network to detect, disrupt, provide real-time forensics, and contain attacks using Rapid Threat Containment without disrupting your business operations.  See their web site!

Threat Intelligence

infocyteInfocyte’s ability to conduct agentless malware and threat detection is integrated with ISE via pxGrid to allow you to identify advanced persistent threats as users connect to ISE and take remediation actions using Rapid Threat Containment.  See their web site!

Regulatory and Compliance

ark nssArk NSS’ ASSET automatically collects data from ISE, pxGrid partners and other sources and gives you the continuous visibility you need to ensure your people, process, data, and technology assets are always compliant and secure.  So you get an internally focused, real-time risk score and a constantly updated stream of recommended controls ranked and rated by users.  Check out their use case!

Vulnerability Management

tripwireTripwire’s IP360 uses ISE authentication messages to trigger real-time vulnerability asset scans to fix or contain vulnerabilities.  Additionally, Tripwire Logcenter’s SIEM improves visibility using contextual data from ISE and their Tripwire Enterprise Forensics and IR leverages Rapid Threat Containment to take immediate action to stop threats.  See their web site!

To get more information on the ISE pxGrid technology partners and how they can improve your defenses go to www.cisco.com/go/csta (Cisco Security Technical Alliance).  For more information on pxGrid go to www.cisco.com/go/pxgrid.  To learn more about Rapid Threat Containment go to www.cisco.com/go/rtc.

And if your favorite security products are not on the list ask your vendor to visit Cisco DevNet and consider joining pxGrid.  It’s being built to comply with developing IETF standards, making it an ecosystem that works and will last.


Andrew Peters

Senior Manager for Product Marketing