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Two years ago, Cisco and IBM Security announced a strategic alliance to address the growing threat of cybercrime. This collaboration builds on each organization’s strengths and complementary offerings to provide integrated solutions, managed services and shared threat intelligence to drive more effective security for our joint customers. We continue to develop new applications for IBM’s QRadar security analytics platform and the Cisco Threat Grid app for QRadar with DSM was just released.

Cisco’s Threat Grid App integrates with IBM’s QRadar SIEM, enabling analysts to quickly identify, understand and respond to system threats rapidly through the QRadar dashboard. Downloadable via the IBM Security App Exchange, this powerful app combines advanced sandboxing, malware analysis and threat intelligence in one unified solution.

Threat Grid + QRadar enables analysts to quickly determine the behavior of possible malicious files, which have been submitted to Threat Grid, and rapidly drill down from QRadar into the Threat Grid unified malware analysis and threat intelligence platform, for deeper insight. This integration expedites the threat investigation process, with a dashboard view into the highest priority threats, delivered directly through QRadar versus having to pivot on disparate tools and interfaces.

Detailed results from the sandbox analysis of Threat Grid can be aggregated by QRadar to determine whether the potential threats within the organization are malicious or benign. Malware samples are then assigned a Threat Score, and displayed by hash value and the user which submitted the sample.

This information displayed on the Threat Grid dashboard can be used to quickly resolve threats detected by QRadar. This results in improved efficiency and optimization for security analysts, by quickly identifying the top priorities for threat investigation.

With the QRadar DSM capabilities, you can see the analysis results over time.

Also, under Log Activity, for suspicious IP addresses, you can use the right-click to see instant contextual threat intelligence from Threat Grid.

Threat Grid also integrates with IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform (IRP) for automated response and X-Force Exchange for even greater threat intelligence enrichment. For example, analysts in the IRP can look up Indicators of Compromise (IoC) with Cisco Threat Grid’s threat intelligence, or detonate suspected malware with its sandbox technology. This empowers security teams to gain valuable incident data in the moment of response.

These technology integrations between Cisco Security and IBM Security enables a more extensive security architecture for greater speed and efficiency in identifying, investigating, and remediating threats. Together, we deliver the intelligence, automation and analytics required to provide data and insights that today’s security practitioners require.

Please visit the Cisco and IBM page for the latest information about our partnership, and the Cisco Marketplace for details of the IBM integrations.


Note: Version 1.0.0 of the app has a coding error that limits its compatibility to the Threat Grid US Cloud. A fix for support of the Threat Grid European cloud and appliance are in validation testing with IBM.

Update 17 Sept 2019: The new v1.01 of the app enables support for the Threat Grid EU cloud and the Threat Grid appliance. The app replaces the prior version on the IBM App Exchange.


Jessica Bair

Director, Cisco Secure Strategic Alliances

Advanced Threat Solutions