IT-Harvest, founded by renowned security expert and industry analyst Richard Stiennon, provides reports, analysis, and advisory services on trends in emerging threats and the technology to counter them. Richard Stiennon is one of the most followed and well-respected IT security analysts and authors in the world. His recent white paper discusses why network segmentation is becoming increasingly critical to protecting networks. Further, it argues that Cisco TrustSec provides the right technology for leveraging the network to provide better security.

Mr. Stiennon discusses how the rise of sophisticated and dedicated attackers has left traditional access controls as a meager defense due to a reliance on enforcement that is mainly located at the perimeter. These attackers include well-funded nation states, cyber-criminal organizations, and of course malicious insiders as well. Once the attacker gains unauthorized access past the perimeter, they have free reign to search, steal, or destroy their targets.

Mr. Stiennon’s white paper provides insights into why Cisco TrustSec provides the right path to hardening internal defenses, thereby reducing the number of impactful breach events and protecting an organization’s key assets, even inside the perimeter.

I encourage you to read Mr. Stiennon’s paper  Network Segmentation Through Policy Abstraction: How TrustSec Simplifies Segmentation and Improves Security.



Sanjay Raja

Director, Product and Solution Marketing

Secure Access and Mobility, Cisco Security Business Group