Cybersecurity is not just an add-on to our technological infrastructure; it is an integral part of it. As we continue to embrace digital connectivity, the demand for robust and inclusive security systems becomes more and more pressing. Yet, an alarming number of businesses and individuals continue to live below what our very own Wendy Nather, Cisco’s head of advisory CISOs, coined as the ‘security poverty line’. Any organization below this threshold has not taken adequate measures to defend itself against cyber threats, due to various constraints such as limited resources, lack of awareness, or inadequate access to technology. Accenture reported, 43 percent of cyberattacks target small businesses, but only 14 percent have the capabilities to protect themselves.

Security is a Universal Right

The understanding that cybersecurity is a universal right is a fundamental premise to accept in this digital age. Our lives are inextricably linked to digital platforms, and as such, everyone’s digital personas and assets deserve protection. Moreover, the cascading effects of a single cyberattack underscore the interconnected nature of our digital world. An unprotected individual or organization can serve as a gateway for cybercriminals to compromise the larger network, affecting even those who do have stringent security measures in place.

Moving Towards a Unified Front against Adversaries

Our adversaries in the cyber world are continually evolving and often operate in complex, coordinated networks. To counter such sophisticated threats, we need a unified front where security vendors actively collaborate. No single vendor has a monopoly on security solutions, and it is through the pooling of resources, intelligence, and technology that we can build an effective defense mechanism. This collective approach will not only help secure individual systems, but it will also strengthen the security posture of the broader digital landscape.

Customers Protecting Customers

The adage “We are customers of our customers” has never been more relevant. And for those who attended RSAC 2023 this year, you heard it at our Cisco showcase session on “Why XDR must unite our industry” by AJ Shipley, VP of Product Management. As users of digital platforms, we rely on others’ security measures just as much as our own. A weak link in the chain can jeopardize the entire system. Thus, it’s crucial to view cybersecurity as a shared responsibility.

Businesses in particular must prioritize security, not just for their sake, but for the protection of their customers too. A company with robust security measures indirectly shields its partners and clients from potential attacks, creating a safer digital environment for everyone involved.

Embracing a Community XDR Approach

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a holistic approach to threat detection and response that integrates multiple security tools into a unified system. However, for XDR to reach its full potential, it must be open to telemetry from multiple vendors.

Relying on a single vendor’s telemetry can create blind spots, leaving the system vulnerable to threats. A community approach to XDR allows diverse input from multiple security solutions, providing a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the threat landscape. This way, businesses can get ahead of cyber threats instead of merely reacting to them.

Stronger Together

Reducing the security poverty line is not just about empowering those who are currently under-resourced. It’s about strengthening our collective defense against cyber threats, respecting everyone’s right to security, fostering cooperation among security vendors, and encouraging an open approach to XDR. This is a collective journey we must embark on, understanding that in the interconnected digital world, our cybersecurity is only as strong as the weakest link.

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Monica White

Director, Product Marketing

Threat, Detection, and Response