In April 2023, we rebranded our risk-based vulnerability management solution, Kenna.VM, to Cisco Vulnerability Management. Today, we are excited to share another milestone in our journey. Effective immediately, the Kenna Risk Score is renamed to the Cisco Security Risk Score. Additionally, Kenna.VI (and Kenna.VI+) is renamed to Cisco Vulnerability Intelligence, and Kenna.AppSec is renamed to Application Security module.

Cisco Security Risk Score

To strengthen cohesion with the Cisco brand and enhance the user experience, the Kenna Risk Score has a new name: the Cisco Security Risk Score. Despite the new name, the original technology, advantages, and effectiveness of the former Kenna Risk Score will persist and continue to be a crucial component of our risk-based vulnerability management solutions.

The Cisco Security Risk Score (formerly Kenna Risk Score) integrates with Cisco Vulnerability Management’s predictive model to calculate risk scores for each vulnerability. Alongside asset criticality scores, it formulates an actionable risk score from zero (no risk) to 1,000 (maximum risk).

The system factors in both internal and external variables as potential risk indicators. Internal factors consider the frequency, severity, and criticality of each vulnerability within an organization’s environment. External factors consider the CVSS score, the Exploit Prediction Scoring System (EPSS), threat and exploit intelligence data from more than 19 different threat and exploit feeds to determine exploit kit availability, exploit volume and speed, and the vulnerability’s prevalence.

The primary advantage of the Cisco Security Risk Score is its ability to provide accurate risk assessments for vulnerabilities, which empowers you to fully comprehend your organization’s current risk profile and pinpoint the steps you can take to mitigate the most substantial risks. With these insights, your organization can confidently prioritize the vulnerabilities that matter most and significantly enhance its security posture. Learn more about the Cisco Security Risk Score here.

Cisco Vulnerability Intelligence and Application Security module

The remaining Kenna products, Kenna.VI (and Kenna.VI+) and Kenna.AppSec, will be rebranded as Cisco Vulnerability Intelligence and Application Security module, respectively.

Cisco Vulnerability Intelligence (formerly Kenna.VI) gives security teams access to the industry’s richest consolidation of vulnerability intel via UI and API. Cisco Vulnerability Intelligence incorporates rich CVE data from more than 19 threat and exploit intel feeds, including custom-curated sources. Organizations can access these records via an API to use within their existing vulnerability management workflows, or they can search and review CVE data within a user interface (UI). Cisco Vulnerability Intelligence can be purchased standalone or as part of Cisco Vulnerability Management Premier.

The Application Security module (formerly Kenna.AppSec) allows you to proactively manage risk across your applications. This is available as an add-on to Cisco Vulnerability Management.

These new names align our functionality to the broader Cisco Security portfolio, bringing clarity and brand consistency to Cisco Vulnerability Management features and offerings.

Impact of this Change

With these rebranding updates, you’ll start seeing the new names outlined in the blog post mirrored on our webpage, promotional materials, and documentation.

If you’re an existing customer of Cisco Vulnerability Management, Cisco Vulnerability Intelligence (formerly Kenna.VI and Kenna.VI+), or using the Application Security module (formerly Kenna.AppSec), rest assured that these name changes will not impact your experience or the trusted solutions you depend on.

For assistance with product documentation, customer support, or API documentation, we encourage customers to continue using help.kennasecurity.com. This page will remain active until further notice. We thank you for your ongoing support!

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