It’s increasingly difficult to defend your organization from cyberattacks, especially as attackers evolve their approaches with new tactics to evade detection and use generative AI to become more advanced. Many security teams cannot quickly and effectively detect and respond to attacks due to a lack of resources, high operational complexity, and an overload of alerts. Some organizations also find it time- or cost-prohibitive to build and run their own security operations, while others have small teams that struggle to monitor their environment 24/7.

We address these challenges with Cisco Breach Protection Suite Premier, which we’re excited to announce is now generally available! Breach Protection Premier enables you to operate with confidence, helps future-proof your security, and allows you to realize faster time to value for your investment through an elite team of Cisco security experts. It is the new top tier of Cisco Breach Protection, a comprehensive security suite that defends your organization from sophisticated attacks across multiple threat vectors while accelerating incident response and simplifying security operations.

Breach Protection Premier delivers managed extended detection and response (MXDR) powered by Cisco XDR and run by a dedicated team of Cisco security specialists who monitor, detect, and investigate threats across your environment while quickly remediating threats through guided response actions. It also includes Cisco Technical Security Assessment and select Cisco Talos Incident Response services to help you prepare, protect, and respond from an attack through a full set of proactive and incident response services.

Operate with Confidence

Breach Protection Premier gives you peace of mind because we have the knowledge, advanced tools, organized playbooks, and comprehensive threat intelligence from Cisco Talos that’s needed to effectively detect and respond to threats. You can shift the burden of recruiting, training, and managing security staff to us, since Cisco Security Operations Center (SOC) specialists detect, prioritize, and investigate incidents 24×7. This includes integration support for Cisco security solutions and select third-party tools to reduce complexity, unify visibility, and provide contextual insights. Breach Protection Premier also detects and responds to advanced threats sooner by prioritizing the most critical alerts and combining our human expertise with AI-driven processes and tool sets. When threats are found, you can shorten remediation times with automated response actions that we carry out on your behalf.

Future Proof Your Security

Breach Protection Premier helps you support your organization’s growth and expansion plans. Our expert-led, always-on security operations means you can augment your existing capabilities or fully delegate your security to our highly skilled team, giving you the scalability and flexibility needed to adapt to changing requirements.  In addition, our specialists have the security expertise and Talos threat intelligence to stay ahead of the latest threats for you. When combined with our XDR solution that takes a unique network-led approach to security, we can help you reduce the risk across the threat landscape to your organization.

Realize Faster Time to Value

Breach Protection Premier unlocks the full value of the Cisco XDR solution through turnkey SOC operations that speed time to value and shrink the total cost of ownership since you get robust security expertise at a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining an in-house XDR team. As a result, your team can focus on their core competencies and strategic priorities while ensuring a strong, proactive approach to security. Finally, you can accelerate adoption of new security tools – regardless of vector or vendor – since our managed service includes integration support for third-party solutions.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner who can meet you where you are now, work with the security tools and telemetry sources you currently have, grow with you as you expand your overall organization, and is up to the challenge of dealing with an ever-evolving threat landscape, Cisco is the right partner for you. Breach Protection Premier defends your organization from the most sophisticated threats while helping you operate with confidence, future proof your security, and realize a faster time to value. Learn more about Breach Protection Premier.

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Nirav Shah

Product Marketing Manager

Cisco Secure