We are all struggling with the Security problem today. Zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats have outpaced the capabilities of traditional security methods that rely exclusively on single-point-in-time detection and blocking. There is a tremendous amount of complexity in our environments and security expertise is in short supply. At the same time, the movement to an Internet of Everything (IoE) is accelerating and creating significant opportunities for businesses and attackers alike as more people, processes, data, and things come online.

This is why Cisco is steadfast in its charge of a threat-centric security model that addresses the full attack continuum – before, during, and after an attack.

Cisco’s goal is to be the number one security partner to our customers. Our vision is that we will deliver intelligent cybersecurity for the real world. We action this by considering our customer’s security challenges across the extended network and providing them with products and solutions that are integrated, open, pervasive, and continuous. We don’t just talk about it; we are delivering it with end-to-end solutions.

To that point, this week at Cisco Live! we are unveiling new innovation  for our Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) portfolio, even further empowering our customers to address threats on endpoints, networks, and in the cloud. We call this “AMP Everywhere.” Additions to this portfolio, including the intent to acquire ThreatGRID announced earlier today, as well as new enhancements for data center security, will strengthen your ability to protect your environments against increasingly advanced and sophisticated attacks.

Advanced Malware Protection Everywhere – Our AMP innovation provides the most comprehensive, integrated visibility and control, from the data center to the endpoint and everywhere in between, to protect against and respond to high-risk threats. New features make it the first solution to correlate Indicators of Compromise (IoC) data with integrated threat defense and shared intelligence. AMP also now features Mac OS X support and a private cloud appliance, an on-premises solution that delivers continuous analysis. The addition of ThreatGRID brings public and private cloud sandboxing, dynamic analysis of all file types, and robust API integration among many other capabilities. AMP plus ThreatGRID is a powerful combination that enables security teams to proactively defend against and respond to cyber threats.

Control Without Compromise – Cisco’s ASA Data Center security solutions protect both physical and virtual environments. This innovation allows organizations to migrate security seamlessly from traditional to next-generation data centers for non-obsoleting protection while optimizing return-on-investment. These solutions also bring advanced firewall capabilities to data center environments, including those based on software-defined networking (SDN) and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) environments, without impacting data center functionality, availability or performance. With the ASA firewall family enhancements, we are increasing data center and cloud protection while delivering superior performance, scalability, and flexibility.

As you can see, we’re not just talking about intelligent cybersecurity, we are providing it for the real world. These advancements demonstrate continued innovation as part of the new security model so organizations have comprehensive visibility and control to act smarter and more quickly to combat highly motivated, advanced attacks.

At Cisco we work hard to anticipate market trends and stay at the forefront of innovation. The enhancements we are delivering to our security portfolio today will strengthen your ability to defend against current and next-generation attackers in the rapidly evolving IoE world. Being your number one security partner is our top priority.