For the first time ever, Cisco is bringing customers and partners from all around the world together for an all-in-one global event! This week, we are delivering an experience unlike any other; this comes at an interesting time for Cisco SecureX. SecureX has been simplifying security for almost an entire year now and it has defined what a true security platform approach means by giving security and IT decision makers a more effective way to protect and interact with their growing networks.

However… at Cisco, we feel like SecureX is just getting started. It continues to deliver new ways to automate tasks to reduce the number of human hours committed to SecOps and NetOps responses. Its rich integrations continue to grow, allowing businesses of all shapes and sizes to maximize their existing investments with an integrated and robust security platform. And it continues to multiply the value of your Cisco Secure solutions that, although powerful on their own, are able to provide richer context, greater visibility, and stronger outcomes when integrated through backend connections that give users the simple security experience they have been looking for.

This year at Cisco Live, we are turning it up for Cisco SecureX customers. You can find numerous sessions that are designed to arm customers with the latest SecureX enhancements, investigate hot topics in the security industry, and enable you to get more out of your security investments. Here is a closer look at some of the exciting things that are coming to SecureX and where you can go to learn more.

Get time back and focus on what matters with SecureX Orchestration

SecureX Orchestration is a feature of SecureX that allows users to execute responses with machine-like speed using response workflows, set sequences of actions that leverage capabilities across multiple integrated technologies, to reduce the number of human hours spent on investigation, response, threat hunting and much more. Cisco provides numerous pre-built workflows, processes that are ready for you to begin using, but also gives SecureX customers the ability to build their own through a low/no code interface. Much like SecureX threat response, Orchestration is a feature that is available to any active SecureX user. And if you are using SecureX threat response but have not yet tried orchestration, be sure to check out this 2-minute video to learn how to get started today.

SecureX Orchestration addresses the SolarWinds attack head on. At Cisco Live, you’ll get to see this workflow in action and will understand just how easy it is to understand if your network was impacted, when this took place, and how this happened. Since Orchestration does the work for you, you can simply receive results or document findings in your SecureX threat response casebook, Webex Teams, Slack, or via email. Among our other pre-built workflows are a phishing investigation, a workflow designed to simplify threat hunting, and many more.

“We’ve noticed a dramatic reduction in our ‘time to resolution’ in scenarios where we’ve leveraged SecureX automation and orchestration… Where possible, we have automated repetitive tasks out of our playbooks altogether so that our analysts’ time is focused on responding to the incident. Doing so has reduced our SOC incident closure time by about 40%.
Ian McGowan, Managing Director at Barrier Networks

To learn more about SecureX Orchestration be sure to check out the following sessions from Cisco Live that are available now:

  • PSOSEC-2004 Achieve Simplicity, Visibility, and Efficiency with an Integrated Security Platform
  • BRKSEC-2053 SecureX Orchestration: Two Ways to Get Value on Day One
  • BRKSEC-2142 Demystifying SecureX Orchestration

True turnkey 3rd party configuration

We know you use other vendors besides Cisco. So, we want to make integrating and configuring 3rd party solutions simple. SecureX was created from the beginning to be integrated and open to work with every tool — no matter the vendor. It is built to unify visibility across all of your security control points and the rich Cisco and 3rd party integrations are what make SecureX truly unique as they allow users to conduct investigations, share intelligence and maximize every cybersecurity investment. At Cisco Live, we have showcased how we are simplifying the user experience for 3rd party configurations. Up until this point in time, only your Cisco security integrations were truly turnkey. Users could simply point their APIs into the SecureX dashboard to connect an existing security tool to the SecureX platform. We are improving our 3rd party integrations in the spirit of visibility, simplicity and efficiency by giving you that same experience, no matter the vendor. In the past, 3rd party integrations were made possible by deploying new code in customer environments or by relay modules in supported 3rd party infrastructure. We are moving that technology in house to take the weight off your shoulders.

This change enables true turnkey configuration for added 3rd party tools and intelligence sources, making it easier than ever before to connect additional solutions for quick value and added SecOps, NetOps and ITOps outcomes. To learn more about our security platform and 3rd party enhancements be sure to check out the following Cisco Live sessions:

  • PSOSEC-1001 The Industry’s Broadest XDR with a Built-In Experience, Not a Bolted-On Tool
  • BRKSEC-2005 SecureX All the Things (With Hosted and Remote Relays)
  • BRKSEC-2023 SecureX and Firewall Integration

Already a Cisco Security customer? You have SecureX. SecureX is a built-in experience for all Cisco Secure customers and all you need to do is activate. Cisco Live is happening now! So be sure to tune in for the latest from SecureX to achieve your desired security outcomes.


Matt Stauffer

Marketing Specialist

Security Marketing