The security industry has a long history of innovation and stewardship in technology. However, every time there is a new security problem, a new product arrives on the market to address that specific issue. While these products can be good, they have led to an over-proliferation of point products that don’t completely solve customer needs. They also add costs and complexity.



Moreover, with an ever-increasing number of remote and frontline workers, and more workloads distributed across public clouds and private datacenters, tool and vendor sprawl are getting worse.

To say tool proliferation is a challenge is an understatement. In 2020, enterprise customers on average used 76 security tools. Unsurprisingly, according to Gartner, 75% of organizations are looking to consolidate vendors. That is a jump of 29% in just three years.

This puts much of a burden on the customer to onboard new vendors, adopt multiple tools, and manage solutions that don’t work all that well together and don’t materially improve security.

Raising the bar for security in a thoughtful way

This is where Cisco comes in. We have the network, infrastructure, and experience to make sure organizations are protected from attacks.

We see 550 billion security events, and 2.8 million new samples of malware per day, and discover over 200 vulnerabilities per year. To put this in perspective, this is more than 1 vulnerability for every working day. The scale and depth of these learnings accelerate our ability to find vulnerabilities and help get them fixed before they are exploited.​

We also benefit from this experience by learning more from bad actor’s techniques, and enhancing our security protocols, all without getting in the way of our customer’s business operations. ​

This experience and insights into vulnerabilities help us stay ahead of attackers, adjusting protection when needed to protect our customers. Think of it as a see once, block everywhere approach.

Our vision at Cisco is to bring these capabilities to life with a security platform that we call the Cisco Security Cloud. This cloud-based platform is designed to close the gaps by integrating solutions to achieve a pervasive defense across your entire ecosystem – from the data center, cloud, and edge. Cisco Security Cloud helps unify platforms and solutions that customers rely on to run their business, reducing costs, complexity and improving efficacy.

Cisco Security Cloud helps companies secure their networks in a simple, unified way, with security and operational resilience at the core. Since we know every customer’s journey is different, the platform is designed to be flexible, extensible, and ready to meet each organization where they are.

Simplifying the chaos with outcome-based approaches

Cisco is committed to reducing the complexity of security solutions while continuing to improve our customers’ security posture. We believe security should be reliable, friction free, and easy to buy. The Cisco Security portfolio is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and delivered though the Cisco Security Cloud.

Centered around three use cases, the Cisco Security portfolio is aligning to a suite of products designed to improve security efficacy, enhance the user experience, and boost return on investment. Embedded with zero trust principles throughout, Cisco Security puts the user first without sacrificing protection. Here’s how:

User Protection

User Protection by Cisco is designed to empower users to do their best work securely from anywhere, so organizations can protect what’s now and what’s next, while increasing operational efficiency with better visibility and control. With seamless, fast connections for end users, and a consolidated set of security tools for IT, User Protection delivers advanced frictionless security for everyone.

With User Protection, users gain more productive work experience with seamless access to SaaS (Software as a Service) and private applications, communication tools, and other business resources. This helps protect frequently targeted end users from attacks like phishing, malware, credential compromise, and ransomware.

Cloud Protection

Most organizations deploy applications in multiple on-premises data centers, more colocation provider locations, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) providers – and this can lead to daunting complexity. With Cloud Protection by Cisco, organizations get complete ground-to-cloud protection across hybrid and multicloud environments that consolidates control points, delivers pervasive visibility, and reduces risk.

Within a dynamic framework that works for what’s on-premises and in-cloud, Cloud Protection delivers actionable intelligence to help customers achieve stronger efficacy while continually improving their security posture by reducing attack surfaces and protecting all applications and workloads.

Breach Protection

Threats are not only becoming more prevalent, but they are also becoming increasingly complex. With Breach Protection by Cisco, businesses can address sophisticated threats by accelerating responses and simplifying experiences with data-backed and AI-powered protection. They can gain unified visibility and control across email, endpoints, network, and cloud environments to enhance threat detection and streamline security operations.

Powered by an award-winning security portfolio and integrated with select third-party cybersecurity solutions, Breach Protection empowers SOC (Security Operations Centers) analysts to quickly detect and respond to advanced threats like ransomware, insider threats, unknown malware, and data exfiltration.

Easy to buy, easy to use

All three of the previously mentioned offers are easy to buy and have consistent pricing and licensing. Each one has a unique, consistent, and predictable meter, so every customer can plan and budget according to their specific needs. This removes the complexity of too many price points, too many SLAs and unpredictable licensing.

In addition to the elimination of price complexity, User Protection, Cloud Protection, and Breach Protection offer easy provisioning, and work with a single sign-on and identity access management, further removing administrative and deployment hurdles.

Lastly, with Cisco, customers have a trusted partner to ensure they don’t go through their security journey alone. Each of the three protection offers are supported by our services organization, which provides customers with the support necessary to plan deployment, streamline adoption, and reduce time to value. With Cisco Services customers can integrate modern technology into their current IT environment and optimize usage. Customers can also benefit from proactively updating software, and maintaining performance by predicting, preventing, or recovering from issues.

Interested in learning more? Watch the replay of the Cisco Security Summit and be one of the first to know about the latest integrated security innovations, and hear security experts discuss ways you can get better efficacy, experiences, and economics.

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Amilcar Alfaro

Marketing Manager

Cisco Security