In an ongoing effort to prioritize data security and privacy for Secure Email Threat Defense customers, we’re excited to announce the opening of two data centers in the Asia Pacific region: one in Australia and one in India.

There are now 4  Secure Email Threat Defense locations, with existing regions in the US and Europe. These new sites will have all the security features present in our existing locations and will receive feature enhancements at the same cadence as the existing locations.

Acknowledging the escalating demand for our product and the imperative to accommodate customers in varied geographical locations, we have meticulously designated Australia and India as our upcoming deployment regions. Our expansion into Australia and India not only broadens our global footprint but also reinforces our dedication to meeting the unique needs of customers in these regions. By localizing our product, users in the new region can expect faster response times and reduced latency, resulting in a more seamless and efficient user experience.

This expansion not only showcases our dedication to meeting the unique requirements of customers in different regions but also highlights our ability to swiftly deliver deployments. We are excited to bring the benefits of our product to Australia and India, enabling businesses in these regions to thrive in a secure and compliant manner.

These environments are built to the same high-level security, service resiliency, and data management practice standards we exhibit across all our global regions. They, too, will meet SOC2 and ISO 27001 standards and will be supported by our Data Privacy policy.

As we look to further expand our data security footprint, our next location is expected to be in the United Arab Emirates. Coverage in these new geographies is a clear indicator of our commitment to, and investment in, the data security of our customers around the globe.

Customers in India and Australia can find details about their regions at the links below:

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Marvin Nodora

Director, Engineering

Security Business Group