Omdia released its 2023 Omdia Universe: Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Solutions report, and we’re excited to say that Cisco Vulnerability Management (formerly Kenna.VM) is recognized as a Leader!

Risk-based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) builds upon the legacy vulnerability management market with stronger vulnerability prioritization and response. RBVM tackles the problem of determining which vulnerabilities pose a real risk in your environment and need to be patched versus which vulnerabilities you can safely de-prioritize. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of traditional vulnerability management tasks to proactively and continuously reduce risk is the focus of RBVM solutions.

Omdia Universe Evaluation Capabilities and Vendor Groupings

With its Omdia Universe: RBVM Solutions report, Omdia, a global unbiased research firm, assesses key vendors in the RBVM market to evaluate and make recommendations based on each vendor’s capability and customer experience.

Analysis of the following RBVM capabilities for each vendor is included in the report: Data collection, threat intelligence, telemetry and storage, risk analytics, vulnerability resolution, deployment and management, and pricing and packaging.

Vendors are grouped into one of three categories:

  • Market leaders understand the current threat landscape and the criticality of assets within each customer’s digital domain.
  • Market challengers show good breadth in their solutions, but not always a depth of features in every area.
  • Market prospects tend to be newer to the market and typically show strength in only a few of Omdia’s solution capability categories.

The Omdia Universe for RBVM

Omdia’s Analysis of Cisco Vulnerability Management

Cisco Vulnerability Management is recognized as a Leader by Omdia with one of the most mature RBVM products in the market.

Omdia highlights the strength of Cisco Vulnerability Management capabilities, including:

  • Threat Intelligence: Cisco Vulnerability Management collects an impressive level of threat landscape information to build vulnerability risk models, which includes data pulled from 19+ threat intel feeds, of which one is Cisco Talos, and OEMs.
  • Risk analytics: Cisco Vulnerability Management uses AI/ML for RBVM modeling, employing four distinct machine learning models for core risk scoring and innovative analytics for exploit prediction.
  • Vulnerability resolution: Cisco Vulnerability Management creates service tickets directly from the user interface or via API and creates risk-based SLAs tailored to the risk tolerance of an organization.

Omdia Universe ratings – Cisco Vulnerability Management

As stated in the report:

Overall, Cisco Vulnerability Management is a strong RBVM option, particularly for large organizations. The product supports some of the most advanced analytics in the space, and it leverages leading threat intelligence feeds to provide near-real-time assessments of the threat landscape. Cisco’s focus on enterprise customers is also driving it to develop very sophisticated tools for measuring and managing remediation success. The sum total of its capabilities and their quality more than justifies its Leader position.”

Cisco Vulnerability Management is a great option to consider for your future RBVM solution, especially if:

  • Your most important determinant of risk associated with vulnerabilities is an understanding of the current and predicted future landscape of software exploits
  • Your key requirements include flexibility in the customization of analytics and reporting, as well as in the presentation of findings and recommendations
  • You are currently a Cisco security customer and already using Cisco Talos

Read the full report now for Omdia’s in-depth analysis of Cisco and other vendors in the RBVM market, as well as details on market dynamics, market outlook, opportunities, and threats.

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