As I blogged in July of this year, Cisco supports protecting and enabling the international flow of personal data that furthers a progressive economy. To that end, we received official word that we are loud, proud, and on the list for the Privacy Shield – the voluntary, self-certification framework for EU-US data transfer.

Why is Cisco participating?  Isn’t Privacy Shield being challenged along with the rest of the data transfer mechanisms?  Although there have been challenges testing the effectiveness of our transatlantic partnership, we have seen that data privacy matters to Cisco employees and customers.  Privacy is the authorized processing of personally identifiable information according to moral, legal, ethical, and sustainable fair principles. That’s a mouthful to be sure, but when we break down privacy governance into explicit, commonly shared and understood, managed, and accountable steps, we can achieve safety and governance – but also so much more.  When we break down our fiduciary responsibility whenever we are exposed to personally identifiable information, we find value.  We can prevent harm.  We can promote high-quality data. We make better and more meaningful and lasting decisions.

We become better employees, companies, citizens, and people when we protect and govern our data and that of our fellows around the globe. Privacy is great for business. It should make our customers happy to know we work every day to keep them as secure and protected as possible, particularly when a new asset class such as data is created, combined, or shared anywhere along a value chain. But the real Cisco behind the Shield is so much more.  I dream of a new world where we have even a centimeter more safety;  where data tells a true story; and where businesses can create new and better experiences tailored to their customers’ needs and wishes. And when I think about my half century on this planet, I realize my interface with people will be my lasting legacy.

We strive for data excellence in all its forms. But we are joyful for the innovation and advancement of the experiences that can exist in a world of privacy and ethics-engineered infrastructure. That’s the good stuff.

Privacy Shield provides EU-like data protection for personal data processed in the United States. Complying with Privacy Shield signals that Cisco takes privacy concerns very seriously, because it is the right thing to do for individuals and businesses. Ultimately, it drives trust in business and confidence with regulators and citizens alike, which is good for Cisco and our customers. So, we signed up and will keep striving to make our products and processes even better every day.

For more information on how Cisco protects the data entrusted to us, visit the Cisco Trust and Transparency Center. To find out how to join Privacy Shield, visit the Privacy Shield website.


Michelle Dennedy

No Longer with Cisco