The world has changed around us, and there is no going back. The digital transformation we have been talking about for years has been accelerated in a matter of months. Initially, remote work was seen a way to keep businesses up and running for the ‘time being,’ but we now see that this is the path forward for a more resilient business. A survey of CFOs by PwC found that 54 percent of their companies will make remote work a permanent option for roles that allow it.

But the old way of doing things will no longer suffice. As companies look to scale remote work, they need an end-to-end solution to deliver an adaptable, productive and trusted experience for their employees, consultants, customers and partners. Enter Cisco Secure Remote Work – Core. A simple way to consume collaboration and security solutions to address customers’ secure remote workforce needs.

Early on, it became clear that collaboration tools would be imperative to keeping business operations running and employees connected to their teams. With the Cisco Secure Remote Work – Core offer, customers get access to Webex Meetings, Calling and Teams (App) to simplify communication, boost productivity and empower people to engage with each other wherever they are working.

But this shift to a distributed workforce has proven more than ever that security cannot be an afterthought. Our recent Future of Secure Remote Work report found that 85% of organizations said that cybersecurity is now extremely important or more important than before COVID-19. So, we have coupled these collaboration tools with our market-leading security technology to keep employees secure no matter where they work and on whatever device, including DNS-layer security with Cisco Umbrella DNS Advantage, zero-trust security from Duo Access, device protection with Cisco Secure Endpoint and Cisco Secure Email Inbound with Advanced Malware Protection.

Built-into every Cisco Security product is Cisco SecureX, a cloud-native platform that connects our integrated security portfolio and customers’ security infrastructure to provide simplicity, visibility and efficiency. It delivers a unified view of customers’ environments, so they no longer have to jump between multiple dashboards, manage conflicting alerts or policies. It also gives customers the ability to automate workflows across security products from Cisco and third parties and can handle tasks like threat hunting and identifying device vulnerabilities. Nearly 5000 customers are already getting the benefits of our platform since it became generally available at the end of June.

Cisco Secure Remote Work – Core brings together easy to deploy and easy to use cloud-based security and collaboration solutions under one single SKU, enabling customers to provide a high-quality work experience securely from anywhere.

Building a resilient business means preparing for the next normal, and Cisco will be there to help you along the way.

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Dr. Gee Rittenhouse

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Security Business Group