If you thought we went awfully quiet with Cisco Secure MSP Center – you are absolutely wrong. Our MSP community is top of mind for us, and we want to expand our buying model of simplified security experience to partners in United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand in local currency for faster time to value and better ROI for your business. 

Managed services are an essential and fast-growing part of the security market, growing 14% annually. This opportunity presents new challenges MSPs must juggle day to day, including onboarding vendors and driving customer acquisition, all while making sure to provide robust IT solutions for your diverse set of clients. Clients are demanding more security and capabilities for a hybrid workforce, which provides a great opportunity for MSPs like you to grow your business.  

We love our MSP community and want to help you deliver great security solutions to your clients. After speaking with many of you to understand how Cisco can help unlock growth for your businesses today, we developed a buying model to simplify your security experience for faster time to value. Cisco Secure MSP was born.   

Here’s a refresher of Secure MSP Center –  

It is a lightning fast and direct buying experience of SaaS security- No invoicing. Straightforward market pricing. And easy click-to-accept agreements. Cisco Umbrella’s market-leading DNS security is currently available with more SaaS security products coming soon.   

So, how does Cisco Secure MSP work? 

It’s a simple three-step process that takes just minutes, from signup to deployment. 

Step 1 – You can sign up here and login with your Cisco ID (or create one)  

Step 2 – Provide billing and credit card information and sign a click-to-accept agreement 

Step 3 – Get access to our world class Cisco Umbrella DNS security offer 

From here, you can onboard your clients and start providing the first line of defense through Umbrella DNS Security product instantly. Sign up to deployment takes minutes – not hours or days.  

There are no minimums or upfront fees. Your credit card will be charged on the first of the month and you’ll receive a detailed invoice. This is a simple, no hassle, and post-paid consumption-based model.   

Other perks include a dedicated partner account manager alongside our sales engineer, who will help you not only with product deployments but also work with you to grow your business. We also have an MSP specialist team to answer your questions. 

Partners currently using Secure MSP Center have had great things to say –  

“Wow, this was a much easier process than I thought it would be” 

“I’m glad Cisco created a program and process that was this simple”  

“I thought this would be more complicated”  

“That’s all there is to it?” 

So, what are you waiting for? Come and take the first step in simplifying security offers for your clients. Sign up here: cisco.com/go/securemsp. 

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Anjana Kambhampati

Product Leader, Growth and Strategy

Security Business Group