SecureX integration offers customers greater visibility to threats across technology silos

Email threats continue to rise rapidly in volume and complexity.  With email being the number one threat vector, it’s no surprise that 94 percent of malware is delivered via email, and it remains the easiest way for attackers to breach an organization. Email security is complex and of great consequence to an organization, with threats having the potential to cause tremendous damage to an organizations’ bottom line and reputation.


Many companies are using email security solutions that are either native to their current email platform or that bolt on to their existing security stack. Often, they’re finding that these solutions lack the sophistication, feature set and integration to provide the level of protection necessary to block attacks.

Customers are looking to reduce the complexity involved with email security planning and administration and require a unified solution that supports various deployment models—on-premises, cloud-delivered and complimenting Microsoft 365 and other email platforms.

As technology has evolved, a gamut of new threats propagates through organizations via email. Customers are keenly realizing their myopic view of the security environment does not suffice as a defense and recognize the value of cohesively integrated security technologies that simplify email security operations and thoroughly safeguard their business.

Keeping email safe continues to be a top priority for security professionals, as there is a growing interest in the evolution of email security; a comprehensive solution that provides the highest levels of security, unparalleled integration, and the ability to greatly reduce complexity.

Delivering a Market Leading Solution

Cisco’s newly-expanded offering—Cisco Secure Email—broadens email visibility so customers can detect more threats, stop more attacks, and cut the time it takes to identify and mitigate an attack.  Going beyond the confines of spam, Cisco Secure Email’s comprehensive protection—on-premises and cloud—

stops phishing, spoofing, business email compromise, malware, and other cyber threats.  It protects against malicious content, remediates attacks, and prevents loss of sensitive information.

The latest Cisco Secure Email release offers customers a radically simplified email security experience, including an innovative Cloud Gateway user interface portal that reduces the complexity of email security planning and administration.  Cisco is also helping Gateway customers securely and easily migrate to our cloud-native Cloud Gateway product, involving transferring their license, migrate, and configure policies so they can more quickly improve agility, availability, scalability, and cost savings.

Further simplifying the email security experience, Cisco Secure Email is the only email security solution that comes with a platform built-in, not bolted-on, easily making email security part of an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution.  These built-in capabilities with the SecureX platform integrate technology together to provide visibility across the Cisco Secure portfolio and third-party solutions, simplifying the ability to detect and remediate threats across the security ecosystem, including all devices, ports, and cloud services, anywhere.

Multiple layers of email protection capabilities, together with a built-in platform, mean threats are detected, blocked, and remediated faster. It is all backed by comprehensive threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, the largest threat detection team in the world.

Reducing the complexity of the buying options, Cisco Secure Email is offered in simplified packages, covering the full spectrum of email security needs, and ensuring customers’ ability to accelerate email migration to the cloud.

Join us at our upcoming webinar to learn more about how you can get maximum protection in a radically simplified approach to email security.

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Al Huger

Former Senior Vice President & General Manager

Security Platform & Response