If you haven’t listened to the Security Stories podcast before, it’s a place where you can hear the behind the scenes stories of cybersecurity leaders.

The idea is that they share their experiences (the highs and the lows) so that others in the industry can benefit from this first-hand knowledge.

In the latest episode, we chat to Chris Leach, senior CISO Advisor at Cisco. From his background as an accountant (which he hated!) to venturing into cybersecurity (“I had to learn to speak in bits and bytes, after only speaking in 1s and 0s”), he has a fascinating story to share.

Chris Leach

Chris also has some brilliant insights into how to be a great leader, and he has some really poignant thoughts on resiliency, bouncing back, and dealing with the fear of failure.

Threat trends

Also in today’s episode, Ben Nahorney shares the highlights of his just-published research on threat landscape trends.

The idea behind this work is to shed light on areas where you can quickly have an impact defending your assets, especially if you’re dealing with limited security resources. You can read more about this in Ben’s blog post.

“On this Day”

And finally our ‘On this Day’ feature takes us back to the movies! In honor of the 25th anniversary of the film Hackers, the team sits down to talk about what that movie got right, and perhaps, not so right, with some surprising reveals.

We also discuss what our own movies on cybersecurity would look like, if we were each in charge of screenwriting. 

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Upcoming episodes

In October, we’re doubling our production schedule to release episodes on topics that mean a lot to us. These include career advice and the importance of diversity in cybersecurity, and how to protect your loved ones from disinformation campaigns (or “fake news) online.

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Tanya Forsheit

In case you missed it

In episode 13 we have an interview with Tanya Forsheit, partner at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz and co-chair of the firm’s privacy & data security group. Tanya is considered one of the world’s leading data privacy 

and security counselors and litigators.

During our chat, we talk about why the United States needs a privacy law at the federal level, similar to what the European Union has done with GDPR. We also talk about what the future holds for data privacy in the next 12-24 months, within the context of COVID-19 and an increasing amount of IoT devices.



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Hazel Burton

Global Cybersecurity Product Marketing Manager, Thought Leadership

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