No need to guess now!

Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the business value and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by implementing Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)—a leading secure access solution. This is available in the recently published Forrester TEI (Total Economic Impact) Research. Four customers were interviewed for this study and covered use cases for policy-governed, unified access across the following use case scenarios: guest services; BYOD; full access across wired, wireless, and VPN; and policy networking. The calculation was based on a composite organization of 10,000 employees that reflected the four interviewed customers from higher education, utilities, and financial services markets.

Benefits were 75 percent reduction in support calls related to network issues and improved compliance reducing data exposure, breaches, and potential regulatory/remediation costs that could add up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Most recently, the Ponemon Institute Live Threat Intelligence Impact Report 2013 indicated that US$10 million is the average amount spent in the past 12 months to resolve the impact of exploits. The benefit of secure access cannot be taken lightly.

The Cisco ISE is a unified policy control platform that automates and simplifies access control and security compliance for wired, wireless and VPN networks. It is the policy manager for Cisco TrustSec, the unique embedded security technology that offers critical context and enforcement integrated into the network infrastructure—making it a highly intelligent and responsive network.

Cisco ISE delivers an ROI of 212 percent in nine months.

So, not only will your network and security folks appreciate this—your business and finance folks will too!


Kathy Trahan

Senior Security Solutions Marketing Manager

Global Marketing Corporate Communications