We are happy to announce the final schedule for IRespondCon, a conference that is specifically designed for incident responders. IRespondCon is held annually at OpenDNS HQ and offers a day of free training, presentations, and networking with some of the top information security engineers, instructors, and fellow responders. They’ll be showing how to use freely available, open source tools to better defend networks and improve the effectiveness of DFIR efforts.

The agenda (subject to minor changes) is as follows:

Lenny Zeltser, SANS Institute: How to Run Malware Analysis Apps as Docker Containers.

Thibault Reuille, OpenDNS Labs: Using OpenGraphiti, the Open Source 3D Visualization Tool and framework.

Jason Craig, DropBox: An introduction to Sysmon and how it can be used for proactive hunting and IR in Windows environments.

Rob Fry, Netflix: Using FIDO the orchestration layer that automates the incident response process by evaluating, assessing and responding to malware and other detected threats.

Dean Sysman, Cymmetria: Using Nested virtualization with KVM. Showing how to create a nested virtualization array and it’s unique benefits for multiple security problems.

Rick Wesson, Support Intelligence: Performing static malware analysis using GPU’s.

Joel Esler Cisco: An update on Cisco Security Open Source projects and how they can help responders.

Kurt Hurtado, Elastic Search: Using Elastic Search and Logstash for Incident Responders.

For more information and to register visit https://irespondcon.eventbrite.com and for information on IRespondCon I check out our blog wrap-up from last year here at https://labs.opendns.com/2014/09/23/s4-irespond-con-wrap/.

Note: Seating is limited so register as soon as you know you can make it !


Dan Hubbard

Cloud Security Research Leader

OpenDNS US Engineering