I work with a lot of customers discussing how they can reduce their cyber risk and increase resiliency with an effective security strategy. It’s easy to talk about leading practices for security, but figuring out how to put them into practice can be a whole other story.

As I mentioned in a recent post, the Security and Trust team is headed to CiscoLive Berlin with the goal of sharing real and actionable security practices that are designed to be taken home and put into practice straight away.

For several years, Cisco has been building new capabilities for providing secure and trustworthy foundations across our product portfolio. By methodically reviewing each element of the infrastructure and removing elements that place the company at greater risk, you can protect your customers and employees, as well as your core business.

On Monday, February 15 at CiscoLive Berlin, we are going take a deep dive in a day-long seminar that breaks out the process, policy and technologies we deploy across all aspects of our business. You will learn how we develop software and hardware with security in mind, comprehensibly protect our supply chain, secure the data customers entrust to us, defend our enterprise, secure our cloud offers and usage, and keep privacy top of mind.

We have a lot to share and are bringing a world class team of experts in each area to help our customers both understand Cisco’s practices as well as jumpstart their own activities to protect their business.

A sample of what we’ll share

Ed Paradise, Cisco VP of Trustworthy Engineering, is leading a session at the seminar that aims to boost participants’ knowledge in the following key focus areas:

  • Security awareness: how to use creative and humorous training to make security “job number one” for well over 20,000 employees. (Easy, right?)
  • Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle (CSDL): What it is, and what you need to know. How Cisco designs and builds-in mandatory requirements and processes into our products and services.
  • Security Assessment Team: We take vulnerability spotting very seriously. Our SAT team uses cutting-edge tools, techniques and methodologies to access Cisco products with the goal of proactively discovering and flagging vulnerabilities for our customers.
  • Common Security Modules (CSMs), Trust Anchor and Secure Boot Technologies: Making sure it’s secure from the floor up helps create consistently easy-to-maintain security.
  • Integrity verification technology and services: Take your infrastructure’s temperature. Learn about visibility and reporting mechanisms for determining the infrastructure’s security status.

In addition, this session includes demonstrations of a number of Cisco’s trust-related tools, such as threat modeling and integrity verification. To learn more about how these practices and procedures will benefit your business – and how you can put them to work on day one, register today to attend the TECSEC-4000 technical seminar on Monday, February 15, 2016 at CiscoLive Berlin.

For more information on trustworthy systems, visit the Cisco Trust and Transparency Center.


Anthony Grieco

SVP & Chief Security & Trust Officer

Security and Trust Organization