By Vanja Svajcer.

In one of our previous posts, we discussed the usage of default operating system functionality and other legitimate executables to execute the so-called “living-off-the-land” approach to the post-compromise phase of an attack. We called those binaries LoLBins. Since then, Cisco Talos has analyzed telemetry we received from Cisco products and attempted to measure the usage of LoLBins in real-world attacks.

Specifically, we are going to focus on MSBuild as a platform for post-exploitation activities. For that, we are collecting information from open and closed data repositories as well as the behavior of samples submitted for analysis to the Cisco Threat Grid platform.

What’s new?

We collected malicious MSBuild project configuration files and documented their structure, observed infection vectors and final payloads. We also discuss potential actors behind the discovered threats.



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