With cyber threats escalating, security has emerged as a critical business driver and competitive differentiator. Organizations that successfully embed security throughout their network infrastructure, policies, processes, and culture are able to reduce risk while creating sustainable business advantage.

At CiscoLive Berlin this year, we will examine how Cisco is building foundational security into the underlying architecture of our solutions as well as throughout our business operations to enhance the security of our products, our customers, and our company.

Technical seminar TECSEC-4000 at CiscoLive Berlin will explore Cisco-on-Cisco leading practices in the areas of infrastructure protection, data protection, and privacy as well as how Cisco builds security and trustworthiness into our portfolio of products, services, and cloud offerings. Our goal is to demonstrate trustworthiness, transparency and accountability to our customers and partners, and we have assembled a stellar lineup of sessions that illustrate how Cisco is moving the needle on this goal internally.

Here is a quick overview of some of the sessions we’re talking about:

  • De-Risking the Infrastructure with Built-in Trust and Security: Ed Paradise, VP, Cisco Trustworthy Engineering, will take you through the secure processes, technologies Cisco has developed to build security and trust into our solutions.
  • Value Chain in a Global Economy: Ever wonder how to secure a global value chain with its millions of moving parts all over the world? Edna Conway, Chief Security Officer for Cisco’s Global Value Chain, will showcase the security framework and interlocked Supply Chain Security Platform that provide the foundation for Cisco’s Value Chain Security.
  • Defending a Global Enterprise Under Attack: In this session, Cisco Director of InfoSec, Sujata Ramamoorthy, breaks down the three key steps for establishing your security program in the Internet of Everything economy.
  • Trusting the Cloud: Insights into Policies, Processes, Technology & People: Cloud represents a significant business boost for many organizations, but security questions can leave businesses wary. Jeff Wicks, Director of cloud security, shares the multiple layers Cisco puts into place to deliver a complete security and data protection experience in the cloud.
  • Protecting Data Globally: Data protection and privacy are critical to trust. Michelle Fleury, Cisco’s Sr. Director of Data Protection, shares how Cisco protects its sensitive data through adherence to privacy policies and practices in a way that emphasizes customer trust and compliance with the law. Michelle Dennedy, Cisco’s new Chief Privacy Officer, will focus on the business value of managing privacy well.

Reducing risk and adding security, resiliency and availability to your organization can seem like a momentous task. That’s why we have designed each of the sessions to be as practical and helpful as possible, with specific questions and tasks that attendees can take home and put into practice in their own environments. Register today to attend the TECSEC-4000 technical seminar at CiscoLive Berlin.

Today’s digitized business has made security everyone’s responsibility. You need the ability to verify the foundational security of your IT products and understand how vendors’ operations protect data and privacy. We hope you are able to join us at these sessions at CiscoLive Berlin, and bring home the tools that can help you to use security as a competitive differentiator for your business.


Anthony Grieco

SVP & Chief Security & Trust Officer

Security and Trust Organization