It’s that time of the year again; where we all eagerly await to witness the next evolution of technology. The Apple Special Event has become a global annual tradition, bringing us advancements from biometric authentication security to simple, automated approaches for interacting with Siri voice recognition. Last month, Apple announced their latest and greatest iOS 12 update; alongside many new iPhone models, such as the Xs and Xs Max. Not only will users gain a more rapid and responsive experience on their day-to-day mobile experience, but they will also be able to connect and communicate more effectively. With new Animojis and the ability to FaceTime up to 32 people, the iOS experience has never been more exciting.

To keep up with Apple’s agile developments with iOS 12, Cisco Security Connector – a mobile security solution built hand-in-hand with Apple for corporate-owned and supervised iOS devices – has recently added many new innovations.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Starting it off, we are excited to announce that we are collaborating with another powerhouse partner, IBM, to better secure and manage your corporate-owned iOS devices. Cisco Security Connector extended its mobile device management (MDM) integration capabilities to now include IBM MaaS360 with Watson UEM. Through this partnership, businesses can gain greater control and visibility into their iOS devices (read IBM’s announcement here).

IBM MaaS360 with Watson UEM delivers an AI approach to UEM, enabling businesses to gain greater control of their endpoints, end-users, and everything in between – including applications, content and data. MaaS360’s open platform allows integrations with applications and infrastructure to become more fluid, with zero impact to the user experience. Furthermore, MaaS360 is recognized for its simple, yet flexible deployment and around the clock customer support for maximized success.

*You can view the configuration and deployment guide here.

In addition to IBM MaaS360 with Watson UEM, Cisco Security Connector integrates with Cisco Meraki Systems Manager and other MDM/EMM platforms.


On top of the integration with IBM MaaS360 with Watson UEM, we’ve also incorporated the UDP feature to better protect your iOS devices. This capability will allow our security partners to now report on UDP network flows, alongside TCP.

Recently, we have also seen a shift by attackers towards using QUIC protocols to perform malicious activities. To protect users from this situation, we’ve added the QUIC feature, allowing users to gain effective security without the hassle of latency.

Umbrella App Discovery and Blocking

Finishing it off, we’ve implemented the App Discovery and Blocking features in Umbrella. These features provide businesses better cloud app visibility, risk details and steps to enable healthy cloud adoption.  Security admins can easily block unapproved or high-risk applications in their environment, all through a few simple clicks.

Here at Cisco, we understand the importance of enterprise mobility. That’s why we’ve been continuously progressing our innovations within Cisco Security Connector. Now with IBM added to our partnership equation with Apple, mobile security has never been better.

Learn more about Cisco Security Connector and IBM MaaS360 with Watson UEM.

Cisco Marketplace: IBM Solutions



Kalie Radsmikham

Product Marketing Manager