With the industry’s drive toward personal and wearable devices, soon people will be walking around with smart glasses, watches, phones, and even shoes. Not to mention they’ll be driving networked cars.

In the future, the task of securing your personal network will become increasingly difficult, which creates a new frontier to the threat landscape, one that is certainly personal. How are people expected to secure all these devices in their everyday personal network? How will we be protected while walking around a crowded shopping mall, admiring koalas at the zoo, or boogieing down in a busy nightclub? Who will combat this emerging threat?

Cisco will.

Today, Cisco announces the development of the Cisco Wearable IPS (CWI), a security device for Generation Y. This fashionable security device will liven up any insecure outfit. It can be worn around the neck or strapped to a belt, and provides a single gateway to the Internet or wireless network of your choice. All your smart devices can be configured to route through the CWI, providing you with the protection you need for today’s digital lifestyle and tomorrow’s threats. You will no longer have to question whether your shoes have been remotely compromised and are tracking your every step, or if your sunglasses are providing misleading, inaccurate, or less-than-rose-colored images. The wearable security revolution is now.

Image courtesy of Glogger.

The CWI will ship in a variety of colors for the fashion conscious amongst us, including red, green, blue, fuchsia, and eggshell white. In addition, a special, limited-edition April 1 two-tone black-on-black will be available. There will be two different models at launch, the CWI2 and CWI4, that offer 2Gbps and 4Gbps performance respectively—enough throughput for an almost infinite number of personal devices. The possibilities are endless. The CWI should be in stores by April 1, 2014.


Neil Archibald

Senior Security Researcher

Security Intelligence Operations