In any given week, one doesn’t need to look very far to be reminded of the events and issues that can surface anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. Given their modes of occurrence, range of diverse levels, technical, non-technical, and globally, wouldn’t it be convenient to have a brief synopsis and analysis of the events and issues? A weekly publication from Cisco, the Cyber Risk Report, is available now to give you the awareness and insight related to these security events and issues. The Cyber Risk Report provides a lot of information that conveys thought-provoking analyses and perspective.

Why the Cyber Risk Report Matters

There are several benefits of this publication. The report provides current information on multiple topics saving you time from sifting through all of the media outlets. It can minimize your blind spots and broaden your understanding of the nature of the factors contributing to the weekly events being reported. It is not uncommon for these issues and events to surface simply because the victims have not seen them coming. The bad guys are betting on this. Is this the only source of knowledge needed? Of course not, but the Cyber Risk Report is certainly a great resource to gain insight and keep a pulse on the constantly evolving security landscape.

What the Cyber Risk Report Offers

The Cyber Risk Report contains a summary and analyses of events and issues that transpired in the week leading up to its publication. Every week a specialized team of Cisco security analysts meets to create its content based on a review of several information sources. This content is organized into categories that I have highlighted in red as shown in the snapshot below.


Figure 1: Cyber Risk Report Example

One of the things I like about the Cyber Risk Report is that the categories are not static and adapt to the security events and issues from one week to the next.  For instance, an earlier edition had content under the categories of  “Attack and Compromises” and “Security Trends.” Below a few examples of the entries written for the “Internet of Things” and “Geopolitical.”


Figure 2: Internet of Things


Figure 3: Geopolitical

The Cyber Risk Report is available online, through a RSS feed, and as a podcast. Did I mention that it is free? Please feel welcome to comment here with your opinions and suggestions on the Cyber Risk Report and let us know how we can continually improve it.