I continue to beat the drum for solutions that are simple, open, and automated because it’s something I’m passionate about and Cisco Security is deeply committed to. It’s the clear path forward to security as a force multiplier – helping you to improve your security posture with your existing resources.

In March, I gave a quick update on the latest advances we had made and the beat goes on. Here are just a few highlights from the last three months.

Our latest version of Cisco Stealthwatch makes it simpler and faster to act on security events that matter most to your organization, greatly enhancing visibility with new capabilities and integrations we recently announced. These include:

  • A new “at-a-glance” list of alarms – automatically categorized by severity – to accelerate incident response.
  • Extended integration with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) through pxGrid for both telemetry identity and remediation. It provides an open, automated way to get more information about the identity behind an alert – the user, device, and security posture – and rapidly contain threats.
  • New documentation and reporting increases visibility across security events and traffic flows for better correlation into the source and destination of malicious activity.

Since unveiling Threat Intelligence Director, we’ve been contacted by dozens of threat intelligence and TIP providers eager to become part of our partner ecosystem and our open approach to operationalizing threat intelligence with Cisco Firepower. These new partnerships we’re forging will help you maximize the return on your investments in threat intelligence and increase security effectiveness. Our goal is to continue to make it simple to leverage threat intelligence across Cisco’s security portfolio, no matter the source of that intelligence.

Cisco is the longtime leader in boosting security through network access control and simplifying it through group policy. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this movement that is making it increasingly simple for you to deploy and manage policy, notably access control policy, in a consistent and automated way across cloud infrastructure and services. Other technology vendors and services providers have jumped on the bandwagon and group policy is becoming a common way to handle access control policy across public and private cloud domains. We’re excited to see this approach embraced and we will continue to spearhead advancements that allow you to build policy that works end-to-end across the infrastructure and services your business counts on.

These are just a few of the many ways we continue to innovate through technology and partnerships to deliver effective security that is simple, open, and automated. Can you hear the drumbeat?


Jason Lamar

Senior Director

Security Product Management Group