Are your finances secure with your financial institution? Vystar Credit Union in Florida, USA speaks out on one of their recent efforts to ensure highly secure access at their institution. With the pressures of compliance and the need to protect their institution’s network and assets, Vystar deploys ISE and AnyConnect with great success. Most recently coming from Gartner IT conference in FLA I had a chance to speak with other organizations that expressed secure access concerns. A thirty billion dollar financial institution noted that while all this mobile innovation offers productivity to the employees and management, the task just to keep up with compliance is where all their energy is spent. A major global energy provider expressed their desire to enforce their BYOD policy better. BYOD (employees/guests bringing their personal mobile devices into the organization) is not passé—organizations are still looking for better control to this personal device phenomenon. Check out how to establish safer mobility with research from Cisco and Gartner.

With 63% of end users downloading sensitive data on their personal mobile devices, Are You Ready to secure and protect your organization’s critical assets while embracing the business & technology transformations of mobility & cloud-based computing? If you are a hands-on technical person working the secure access issues, don’t miss Aaron Woland’s NetworkWorld blog on ISE Best Practices.


Kathy Trahan

Senior Security Solutions Marketing Manager

Global Marketing Corporate Communications