With digital transformation unlocking unprecedented value for today’s businesses and consumers, the key to success is arguably predicated on speed: Whoever is the fastest to enter new markets; the fastest to innovate; the fastest to deliver value to consumers can be the difference that separates the leaders from the rest of the pack.

This same principle of speed applies when it comes to security. Managing security is more complex than ever. And given that cybersecurity attacks are  growing rapidly in frequency and sophistication, it is critical for businesses to be equally fast and agile. This requires adopting smart, robust, and automated solutions that can not only leverage the network for effective security but do so in manner that is scalable and cost effective for businesses.

Forrester Consulting put Cisco to that test by evaluating its Stealthwatch Enterprise and Identity Services Engine (ISE) solutions in its latest Total Economic Impact (TEI) study.  Cisco Stealthwatch delivers clear and actionable visibility into the network whereas Cisco ISE provides endpoint visibility, and automated access policy and management.  While Stealthwatch and ISE are different solutions, when integrated, they deliver a powerful 360-degree view of your network that allows you to detect advanced threats, pinpoint the source of an issue, automatically lock down any affected devices or accounts, and then ensure network compliance before bringing them back online.  

Forrester interviewed customers (two in financial and one in healthcare with an average employee size of 70K) who have global operations spanning across the U.S, Europe and Asia and have also had years of experience using Stealthwatch and ISE. Prior to using these two solutions, the three companies struggled to manage their security needs with issues such as:

  1. Little to no network visibility
  2. Delays in rapidly identifying and remediating major and minor network security issues
  3. IT and employee inefficiencies due to network downtime

But once they deployed Stealthwatch and ISE, the companies realized significant benefits that includes the following:

  • Greater visibility into network configuration and bandwidth usage
  • Reduction of events and remediation time by 200 hours for each major event and 3 hours for each minor issue
  • $285K in avoided network security remediation costs
  • $1.6M in business impact savings of avoided security events
  • $892K in IT resource costs savings
  • $236K in avoided hardware costs
  • $1.4M in employee productivity improvements
  • $2.4 million in (NPV)
  • ROI: 120%
  • Payback period: 12 months


“Without Stealthwatch and ISE, it [a malware outbreak] could have been hundreds of hours.”-CIO/network architect, worldwide bank.

Rapid threats require rapid response. And with Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise and Identity Services Engine, your network is augmented with the speed and power to handle the ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges.

Click here to access Forrester’s TEI study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Cisco’s Solution for Network Visibility and Segmentation: Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Stealthwatch and ISE.

For more information on Cisco Stealthwatch and ISE go to: www.cisco.com/go/nve


Kevin Skahill

Senior Director for Security Policy & Access

Secure Access and Mobility Product Group