Why did you adopt public cloud infrastructure? Most organizations use the cloud to be more responsive to market needs while also minimizing costs. Now it is time for security to embrace that philosophy. In partnership with Google, Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud can now deliver end-to-end visibility, robust security insight, and effective threat detection for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in as little as 10 minutes.

Stealthwatch Cloud now integrates seamlessly with environments in GCP via Google’s recently announced VPC Flow Logs. This solution can be deployed in minutes without the need for agents or virtual appliances to provide deep security insight and valuable, high-fidelity alerts of suspicious and malicious activity.

In addition to providing protection in public cloud infrastructure, Stealthwatch Cloud can consume flow-level telemetry from the on-premises network and other virtualized environments to provide a unified security view of the entire hybrid network.

Google VPC Flow Logs

Many network and security operations rely heavily on logging and monitoring capabilities. Google VPC Flow Logs enable these functions by allowing you to track network flows in your Google Cloud Platform down to an individual network interface.

“As Google Cloud pushes the boundaries for cloud networking and security capabilities, it enables partners such as Cisco to innovate and bring to market differentiated joint solutions. Google Cloud is excited to jointly work with Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud to provide our joint customers insights and actionable intelligence spanning their entire hybrid deployment to help detect and visualize threats at scale in real time.” – Lakshmi Sharma, Director, Product Management, Google Cloud Networking

You can think of VPC Flow Logs as similar to NetFlow, but with additional features. VPC Flow Logs provides responsive flow-level network telemetry for GCP environments. VPC Flow Logs can track:

  • Internal VPC traffic
  • Flows between your VPC and on-premises deployments over both VPNs and Google Cloud Interconnects
  • Flows between your VPC resources, such as servers and virtual appliances, and any Internet endpoint
  • Flows between your VPC resources and any Google services

For more information on Google VPC Flow Logs, read this blog post.

Stealthwatch Cloud support for Google Cloud Platform

Security is a major requirement for successfully tapping the benefits of the cloud. To address this, Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud provides unmatched visibility and threat detection in an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use manner across your Google Cloud, on-premises, and virtualized environments.

By utilizing Google VPC Flow Logs, Stealthwatch Cloud can be deployed in minutes and automatically monitors your entire cloud infrastructure as it grows and changes. Stealthwatch Cloud combines this data with telemetry from the on-premises network and virtualized environments to present a single security view of your entire infrastructure.

Stealthwatch Cloud uses entity modeling and machine learning techniques to provide low-noise, high-fidelity alerts on suspicious and malicious activity. Customers currently rate 96 percent of Stealthwatch Cloud alerts as “helpful,” which helps us ensure we are providing valuable security insight without wasting our customers’ time.

Stealthwatch Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) security solution. Delivered via the cloud, there is no hardware to maintain or software to patch. It features flexible, usage-based pricing with a 60-day free trial offer.

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Bryan Doerr

Product Manager

Network Security