I’m looking forward to seeing you at our Cisco booth and our two Insights Sessions at NRF 2017. Start by visiting Booth #1963 at NRF and experience the power of Cisco to transform your business!

Today’s retailer faces all the benefits and challenges of digital transformation. You need technologies that help you create dynamic customer experiences, implement more effective staffing and operations, and secure omnichannel store environments.

Digital’s growing impact requires companies to take a different approach to retail, regardless of channel or platform. Mobile, collaboration, and automation technologies allow retailers and brands to scale new services such as always-on assistance, intelligent transactions, and on-demand delivery. And, with each interaction, you need advanced analytics solutions that provide a more nuanced understanding to personalize that interaction – from the traditional to the Millennial user, no matter who they are, where they are, how they shop, or how they work.

Join us at NRF 2017 to experience how Cisco Retail solutions create an integrated foundation for shopper, store, and associate, transforming your store while transforming your business. Built around the new Cisco Vision for Retail offering, our booth showcases powerful solutions that help you drive ROI and solve business problems. On a single unified network platform, shoppers connect through apps, loyalty programs, and online sites across channels.

At the same time and on the same platform, you can implement new tools to minimize turnover and maximize worker capabilities through better collaboration, access to information, and customer service options. These capabilities also make your business more efficient and effective, centralizing and managing data to power processes on-site, in the distribution center, and into the supply chain.

There’s never been a better time to reimagine – and digitally transform – your retail business.

Don’t miss our Exhibitor Insights Sessions on Tuesday, Jan. 17:

Session 1: How Two Global 1000 are Driving Digital Transformation


  • Inbar Lasser-Raab, Vice President of Product Marketing for Enterprise Solutions at Cisco
  • Ratnakar Lavu, Chief Technology Officer at Kohl’s
  • Joelle Kaufman, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Business Development at Westfield

Many – even most – retailers are still working to plan for a digital transformation and determine how it can help to move their business forward. Businesses undertake this major business transformation to deliver new customer experiences, transform processes and business models, and empower workforce innovations.

Cisco’s Inbar Lasser-Raab, VP of Product Marketing for Enterprise Solutions, will address these significant opportunities and how they are being achieved by Ratnakar Lavu, CTO at Kohl’s, and Joelle Kaufman, EVP of Strategy & Business Development at Westfield. In this one-hour session, the panel will discuss how digital transformation helped them to achieve their business outcomes.

“Such transformations are often complex and may require new infrastructure — physical and digital — as well as new training for employees,” Lasser-Raab said. Conversations with these customers showcase how they were able to enhance network technology and take advantage of collaboration solutions, reshaping how they do business.

  • Date: Tuesday, January 17
  • Time: 1:30–2:30 pm
  • Location: Level 1, Hall A, 1A 06

Session 2: How Innovative Thinking Helped Avenue Stores Merakify Their Mission


  • Jim Giantomenico, CIO, Avenue Stores
  • Moderator – Joe Aronow, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is steadily revolutionizing the world of IT, focusing on removing complexity and clutter to smooth the workflow of the IT administrator. With technology covering networking, security, communications and mobility management, all managed through a true single pane of glass, Meraki’s approach is becoming relevant to more and more organizations. Retailers, in particular, benefit from easy multisite management, guest services and insight into their customer landscape.

In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into Avenue Stores’ network including wireless, switching, and security appliances at over 300 branches all managed by a lean team of three. We’ll further explore how Avenue Stores uses Meraki’s Systems Manager EMM solution on tablets for online ordering with in store customers to help them drive their “Endless Aisle” initiative. Join Meraki and Avenue Stores for an exploration into the world of cloud managed IT for retail.

  • Date: Tuesday, January 17
  • Time: 9:15 am – 10:00 am
  • Location: Level 1, Room 1

We can’t wait to see you at NRF 2017 in just a few days! Click here to learn more about Cisco at NRF 2017. Follow us on Twitter @CiscoRetail.



Brian McDonald

Global Retail & Hospitality Industries Marketing Lead

Private Sector Industry Marketing