NRF is over, and now is the time for retailers to focus on their investment choices. Join us on March 21 to learn more.

If you attended the National Retail Federation (NRF) Conference this January – and perhaps even if you didn’t – you probably heard about the award-winning Cisco ToyBox

A fully functional toy store on the NRF floor, the ToyBox enabled retailers to literally walk in their customers’ – and associates’ – shoes, highlighting how seamless shopping experiences are being created through the latest mobile and digital technologies.

But beyond the tangible solutions demonstrated in the ToyBox are technologies still gaining momentum and legitimacy with retailers. The NRF agenda and show floor was filled with use cases for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Wayfinding, robotics, digital mirrors, and the Internet of Things (IoT), to name a few.

With so many emerging technologies – in addition to mobile applications whose value is already established – how do you determine what solutions will actually benefit your operations?

What is worth the investment? What technologies are real and what are just hype? How do you prioritize?

If you’re asking these questions, I’ve got good news.

On March 21, we will answer these questions in a webinar just for retailers. Our industry experts will break down what solutions are real and right for your store environment, explain Cisco’s retail strategy and capabilities, and share a practical framework applied by many of our customers that can help you start building for the future of retail.

Customer intelligence experts from Local Measure will also join us to demonstrate how retailers can leverage social media to drive a more personalized experience, address customer services issues in real time, and boost brand loyalty.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to get ahead of the competition and start your digital transformation today.

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Jennifer Rideout

Marketing Manager, Canada