Over the past decade, Cisco has partnered with organizations across sports and entertainment to reimagine the fan experience. From the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro to the largest concerts and music festivals, and hundreds of venues around the world, our technology has helped bring fans closer to the teams and games that they love.

Today, we are thrilled to add the United States Golf Association (USGA) to this list of partners. For more than a decade the USGA and Cisco have partnered at their marquee events and championships, including the U.S. Open. Now as the Official Technology Partner of the USGA, we are going to be working across networking, cloud, collaboration, cybersecurity, and data and analytics to create efficiencies and new opportunities for players and fans around the world. And we can’t wait to get started.

We know that fans around the world want a more connected experience. SunTrust Park, Sydney Cricket Ground and the O2 Arena are just a few examples where our technology is bringing fans a more convenient, customized experience. And, now through our work with the USGA, we will bring a similar experience to the players, fans, and venues of the great game of golf.

At the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open, we are going to help the USGA create a more connected championship experience. That means a robust network that can deliver for everyone on-site, and enable more connection with fans around the world too. It means creating new ways for fans, players, broadcasters, media and more to interact in engaging and meaningful ways. And of course, opportunities for our valued customers, partners, and employees to enjoy the wonderful game of golf.

In addition, we are going to help strengthen and accelerate the USGA’s innovation initiatives. This will include looking at how our technology can support environmental sustainability to sparking new ways of thinking about technology and the game at the Global Golf Symposium being held in Japan in early 2019.

Next up on the first tee, Cisco.


Kevin Dunbar

Senior Director of Brand Strategy and Content