In this episode of Cisco Champion Radio, we chat with Cisco’s Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy and Robert Waitman, Director of Data Privacy, about the Cisco 2019 Data Privacy Benchmarking Study and the value of data privacy. Interviewing Michelle and Robert are Cisco Champion hosts, Daren Fulwell and David Peñaloza.

Podcast Discussion Topics

  • What is data privacy and what is Cisco doing about it
  • The technology aspects of data privacy and data protection
  • What are the regional differences with privacy law above and beyond GDPR
  • How investments made in privacy are translating into better security
  • What benefits do companies get (beyond compliance) from GDPR regulations
  • Enhancements in the hardening of the data center
  • Data as an asset
  • What Cisco is doing to help the industry understand the importance of data privacy

Cisco Champion Hosts

  • Daren Fulwell (@darenfulwell), Cisco Champion member, Network Architect, ANS Group.
  • David Peñaloza (@davidsamuelps), Cisco Champion member, Lead Network Consulting Engineer, Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Cisco Guests

  • Michelle Dennedy (@mdennedy), VP & Chief Privacy Officer.
  • Robert Waitman (@robertwaitman), Director of Data Privacy.



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