In this episode of Cisco Champion Radio, we chat with Chris Paggen and Lionel Hercot about the Cisco ACI experience on AWS. Interviewing are Cisco Champion hosts, Charlie Greenaway and Mat Jovanovic.

Podcast Discussion Topics

  • ACI on AWS – what it is and the value it drives
  • How ACI is deployed in the cloud
  • Use cases that inspired the ACI AWS solution
  • Roadmap for integrations with Azure and other cloud options
  • How the integrations work when exposing info to a 3rd party
  • Cost projection model help estimate the running cost of the solution
  • The 3 elements of ACI on AWS architecture

Cisco Champion Hosts

  • Charlie Greenaway (@cciechaz), Cisco Champion member, Principal Architect, British Telecom.
  • Mat Jovanovic (@matjovanovic), Cisco Champion member, Cloud CTO for Europe, Logicalis.

Cisco Guests

  • Chris Paggen, TME Lead for ACI.
  • Lionel Hercot (@lhercot), Technical Marketing Engineer.


  • Lauren Friedman (@lauren), Cisco Champion Program.

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