Cisco Live Europe 2014 (Milan) just ended and I think I will need a few days to reorganize my ideas. It was my first opportunity to attend #CLEUR, and moreover I did it as a CCIE.

CLEUR is not just a Cisco event (or should I say THE Cisco event) but also a unique opportunity to experience technology, expertise, vision, and inspiration.  And of course meet friends.


The technical sessions on Data Center, IPv6, VIRL/CML and 801.x helped me understand so many small details that I missed before. I don’t always have time to verify every single aspect of each technology and a 2 hours session was very helpful in connecting the dots and improving my skills and my design.

Moreover I had the chance to speak face to face with many Cisco guys and I want to publicly thank them for their suggestions on IPv6 and especially on WAAS and DMVPN.


During my days at #CLEUR I decided to reserve time to visit the World of Solutions. I didn’t have any expectations but simply wanted to have a walk between vendor meetings. It was great!

I had the opportunity to see solutions that feed my actual needs and very competent guys were available to speak not only about the high level design but every single technical detail.


I learned about automation through Puppet and OnePk, documentation and monitoring with NetBrain, DNS security with Infloblox, office extend, and I saw a real example of SDN in a service provider network with Cisco.

I realized four days were not enough to see everything I needed.


Cisco is not only a technology provider, it’s also a vision maker. Both keynotes were about the Internet of Everything  (IoE) from a high level point of view.


There was also an IoE section where I was able to discover details about sensors and Fog Computing: when Cloud meets the ground.


CLEUR is a European event, and gives attendees the chance to meet friends who live in other countries. I was present at both the parties: the one reserved for CCIE guys and the Customer Appreciation Event.


CLEUR gave me the chance to meet celebrities like Himawan NugrohoAmy Lewis, Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn and many others…

Get Inspired by Cisco Live

Real networkers really love their jobs.

Meeting people and exchanging ideas at CLEUR greatly inspired me, and now there are so many new ideas in my head I want to learn more, and test and share what I’ve got. The circle of knowledge must not be stopped.

Finally I want to thank SAIV, the system integrator that give me the chance to attend the Cisco Live 2014 in Milan, and all the great guys who actively listened to my questions, ideas and proposals.

See you next year Cisco, in Milan again!


Andrea Dainese

Data Center Engineer - CCIE #38620