Cisco Champions at Cisco Live

Going to Cisco Live? Find everything you need to know for the big show in these Cisco Champion blog posts.

Cisco Live 2016 – Tip #1 – Plan Early by Justin Cohen
“All the best sessions at Cisco Live – book up early, now in the past I have had good luck with standby lines – but some of the best are always sold out, and you never want to be sitting at the back of the room.”

Cisco Live! US CAE Headliner and Tip #2 by Justin Cohen
“If you have not visited Cisco Live! before, one of the greatest thank you’s for going is the Customer Appreciation Event – with free everything and a promise of an amazing time.   Don’t forget to find your favorite #CLUS friends to party along with you.”

Cisco Live – News About The Customer Appreciation Event (CAE) by Daniel Dib
“The arena also uses Cisco technology called Cisco StadiumVision which is an innovative digital content distribution system. The system is used to centrally manage and deliver all of the video and digital content in the arena, except the scoreboard. This means we can expect high quality video delivered to the screens in the arena.”

Cisco Live! Tip #3 – Mentorship by Justin Cohen
“If you have never attended Cisco Live! before, and you do not have a friend or colleague who has who can walk you through what your week will be like – you may come away from your first Live! event thinking ‘Wow, I wish I was better prepared’ or ‘I wish someone could have shown me around'” … This is exactly what the mentorship program is designed to do. Help you find the sessions that matter, make sure you get to all the places you need to get to – and there is a good chance you might make some new friends, colleagues or find your way to the next social event.”

Cisco Live 2016 (#CLUS) by Tim Miller
“As a new specialist, you have some experience with the particulars of your area. Requests come in, tickets get resolved. There are periodic service interruptions that the senior engineer handles and even briefs you on. Now you want to take on resolving bigger issues.” … For the other end of the spectrum, where you need a solid understanding across multiple technologies, Cisco Live literally has more opportunities than can be attended to broaden your experience.”

Cisco LIVE US – Session scheduler is open by Stefan Renner
“Yesterday Cisco opened the session scheduler for this year Cisco Live US in Las Vegas. Don’t miss to schedule your sessions as soon as possible as the free seats will fill up quickly.”

Cisco Live – Number one Datacenter conference by Stefan Renner
“Years ago Cisco started to be not just an Network company. With Cisco UCS they became a data center company and started to deliver high-quality dc equimpent. Together with NetApp and the FlexPod this became even bigger.” … “Now this year in march Cisco announced their first and very unique Hyper-Converged system, Cisco Hyperflex, which is the first solution to offer a whole data center stack including storage, network, virtualization and server performance.”

Cisco Live US – Prep for Transport by Justin Cohen
“So we are mere weeks away at this point, so it’s time to start thinking about what you will bring with you…  If this is your first #CLUS then first – CONGRATS!   You will be overwhelmed.    Here’s my random ramblings about how to prep.”

Strategies for Last Minute Cisco Live 2016 Scheduling by Tim Miller
“You never know what interesting topic you will come across during the week.  You want to leave yourself a little time to find out more about something new – whether a product or technology.  The exhibit hall is one place where you can learn more about Cisco products as well as the partner ecosystem.”

Speaking at Cisco Live! by Justin Cohen
“With a mere days left until Cisco Live!   It’s been announced I will be speaking at the Think Tank about building your personal brand with Social Media.   I am honored that Cisco would ask me to speak on such an amazing topic  – I promise I will not monopolize the mic – too much.” … “My personal views over the last year, my journey into the Cisco Champions program, and most importantly how I have continued to maintain my independence as an online blogger and writer.    I will also have some interesting announcements.    Come to this session and find me – and get yourself a Cisco HyperFlex Gumby!”

What You Should Know Before You Go to Cisco Live 2016 by Brad Haynes
“As a technical advisor, I like to stay up to date with technology and trends. This year I will be attending the Cisco Technical Leadership Council on Monday and Tuesday and then will be attending technical sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. My tech sessions of choice are related to cybersecurity, ACI-Application Centric Infrastructure, Cisco Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI), Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and Cisco’s Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL).”

Cisco Live 2016! by Priscilla Oppenheimer
“I’m attending Cisco Live this year! This will be my first Cisco Live in five years, so I’m a little nervous. I have memories of being run down by hordes of young men swinging large backpacks. 🙂 But I also have memories of learning amazing new technologies, getting to know fellow networking nerds, and cool hats!”

Cisco Live Tips and Tricks Podcast! by Justin Cohen
“The Cisco Champions – A group of very experienced Cisco Live attendee’s share tips and tricks to get you to, and from the event to make the most of your week.” … “Join me and my fellow champions on this weeks episode!”

Cisco Live 2016 Bag Revealed by Justin Cohen
“Enough said…  Bag is looking pretty snazzy…”