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This episode of Cisco Champion Radio features two Cisco Champions hosts, Joel Sprague (@JoelWSprague) and David Peńaloza (@davidsamuelps) along with guest, Damien Philip (@pdamien58) from Cohesity

What’s does Cisco Investments do?

Obviously, Cisco Investments brings money to the table but there has to be something else. Beyond money, Cisco’s experience and leadership in the infrastructure space provides Cohesity with opportunities to go out and talk to large enterprises and help solve some of their challenges. Additionally, because Cohesity is in a space that Cisco doesn’t currently cover, there is a valuable partnership in the companies’ ability to provide integrated solutions to their joint customers.

“The Cisco Investments team is helpful and very engaging to work with,” says Damien Phillip, principle solutions architect at Cohesity. “We’ve created a really awesome solution with HyperFlex as well as other primary solutions that Cisco already sells on the market.”

What is Cohesity?

Cohesity’s founder, Mohit Aron, whose tenure includes notable roles as chief architect of Google’s file system and CTO for Nutanix, saw a problem in the storage industry with disparate storage solutions and fragmented environments.  He decided to go out and create a company to solve that problem by consolidating multiple different fragmented and siloed environments into a single platform with a single pane of glass.

About two years ago, Cisco and Cohesity kicked off their partnership with an integration of the Cohesity platform with Cisco UCS. This moved into projects with Cisco HyperFlex and other products to provide solutions that integrate at every point.

Together, the integrated hyper-convergence solution simplifies the implementation of infrastructure for networking and storage by combining everything together into a single stack that runs and provides services, provincial machines, and VM services.

Data growth

Data is growing at such vast quantities enterprises are looking for scale and they need storage efficiencies to be built into the platform. In these complex environments, the biggest challenge around storage and data is about exponential data growth. Cohesity’s integrations with Cisco solutions simplify these complex systems by providing a tightly integrated solution.

Cohesity works closely with all the major storage cloud providers including Google and Amazon. In fact, they’ve pushed nearly four petabytes of data into Amazon itself. Cohesity’s tight integration with Cisco solutions and its hybrid cloud model enable the life cycle of data from on premise to the cloud in a simple to manage solution.

A Nod to Cisco Investments

Damien sums up his experience with Cisco, “Cisco has been really amazing to work with, and we’ve gotten so much love and attention from Cisco Investments and the entire Cisco team. Cisco investments is not necessarily looking for companies to buy, they are looking to invest in companies and technology that drives the industry forward for everyone.”

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Cisco Champion Hosts

  • Joel Sprague (@joelwsprague), Cisco Champion member, Solution Architect.
  • David Peñaloza (@davidsamuelps), Cisco Champion member, Technical Architect.


  • Damien Philip (@pdamien58), Principal Solutions Architect, Cohesity.

Podcast Discussion Topics

  • How Cohesity is related to Cisco
  • The Cohesity technology portfolio, then and now
  • The benefit of hyper-convergence
  • How Cohesity helps data sprawl
  • How Cohesity helps coverged-stack customers
  • How Cohesity operationalizes back-ups
  • APIs with Cohesity
  • Why the Cisco investment is important to Cohesity
  • Cohesity’s work with cloud providers


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