CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by technologists for technologists. In this episode we’re talking about the Cisco Spark Depot with Cisco’s Chloe Kauffman.

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Cisco Guests

  • Chloe Kauffman (@chloemkauffman), Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Collaboration Technology Group

Cisco Champion Hosts


  • Kim Austin (@ciscokima), Collaboration Marketing

Podcast Discussion Topics

  • The goal of the Cisco Spark Depot
  • The difference between a bot and an integration, plus security around each
  • Popular bots and integrations in the Cisco Spark Depot
  • How Cisco Spark improves workflow
  • Development requirements bots or integrations
  • How to register bots and integrations in the Cisco Spark Depot
  • Benefits of a Cisco business review of your bots and integrations
  • Different use cases for bot vs. integrations
  • Chat bots with AI
  • Integrating with other platforms
  • What’s in the Cisco Spark Developer site
  • The Cisco Spark Innovation Fund

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