#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by technologists for technologists. In this episode we’re talking to Sue-Lynn Hinson about the Cisco TacOps Team.

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Cisco Guests

  • Sue-Lynn Hinson, Cisco TacOps Team

Cisco Champion Hosts

  • Justin Cohen  (@cantechit), Solution Architect
  • Aaron Conaway (@aconaway), Network Engineer

Podcast Discussion Topics

  • How TacOps was founded.
  • The logistics involved in setting up for a disaster.
  • Learning lessons: The process and learnings from the TacOps team’s experiences on the ground.
  • How the TacOps team benefitted from Meraki and how it allows the team to expand their global footprint.
  • How the TacOps team consult with people around the world to help them build their own kits/solutions.
  • A walk through the technical specifications for the TacOps vehicle.
  • How security has changed how the TacOps team functions.
  • The importance of planning and documentation.
  • TacOps team structure and background.
  • What the team does between missions.
  • Sue-Lynn’s pinnacle career point at Cisco.
  • Post-incident support for team members and volunteers.
  • The vital nature of providing a communications structure.
  • The types pf deployments the TacOps team faces.

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