#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re discussing NPI Wireless with Cisco Subject Matter Expert Brian Levin.

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Cisco Guest
Brian Levin (@bdlevin), Wireless AP Portfolio Product Manager

Cisco Champion Hosts
Justin Cohen (@cantechit), Senior Information Technologist
Stewart Goumans (@wirelessstew), Mobility Consultant

Lauren Friedman (@lauren)

Podcast Discussion Topics:

  • Features for 802.11AC Wave 2 Access Points
  • Network performance enhancements with increased throughput
  • Flexible Radio Assignment (FRA) feature differentiation
  • Wired Cable Management (multi-gigabit vs. LAG)
  • Legacy client integration
  • Spectrum features and Dynamic Bandwidth Selection (DBS)
  • Access point data rates and Mobility Express
  • Macro- Micro- cell capacities
  • Mixed-mode, multi-user performance and RF considerations
  • Cross-access point noise reduction
  • Future module considerations
  • Network design and bandwidth tunneling considerations
  • Controllers and software considerations