CiscoChampion2015200PX#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’ll be talking about creating videos and podcasts as IT professionals

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Cisco Champion SMEs
John Welsh, (@samplefive), Unified Communications Engineer
Ryan Adzima, @radzima, Wireless Network Engineer
Josh Kittle, @ciscovoicedude, Unified Communications Engineer
Nick Howell, @that1guynick, Virtualization Solutions Architect

Rachel Bakker, @RBakker

Benefits of creating podcasts and videos
How to get started
Do’s and Don’ts
Podcasting about work experiences
Podcast tool recommendations
Promoting/syndicating your podcast

ciscovoicedude whats the first piece of content you ever created?
aossey question: Do you ever find it difficult to produce material from work experiences without disclosing info you shouldn’t?
datacenterdude @aossey thats the hardest part about doing a podcast as a vendor.  All hail post-production!
aossey Josh, that leads me to my next question: what tools are you using for post-prod editing?
bwhaynes Q: What equipment, gear, apps do you use to deliver your social media snippets?
bwhaynes Q: Is there anything shameful in giving a shameful plug for your company or a valued fellow tech person?
CCIE4713 Favorite audio hardware?
datacenterdude @CCIE4713 the mic. Always the mic.
datacenterdude DONT SKIMP ON THE MIC!
CCIE4713 Ha!
datacenterdude Heil PR-40
CCIE4713 PR40? Hmmm… I like my SM7B
CCIE4713 The voice of experience?
Guest 16 Any other panelists want to comment about how much time each person spends in total for a single audio or video podcast? For how long a podcast?
aossey Q: what services are you using to promote the content?
Guest 16 Is there a minimum run rate (a number of podcasts per month) needed to build an audience? (This is Wendell – FYI).
ciscovoicedude my First pluralsight course is still in production. Should be released in the next 60 – 90 CCIE4713
aossey Q: how much of your content is something you create ahead of time vs. natural dialog?
datacenterdude in Hollywood, we call that “semi-scripted.”
aossey thanks for answering all my noob questions everyone
CCIE4713 Thanks guys!
ciscokima thanks all!
@ChrisKnowsIT Thanks all SMEs- great insights!


Rachel Bakker

Social Media Advocacy Manager

Digital and Social