CiscoChampion2015200PX#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’ll be talking with Cisco Principal Engineer Jason Brvenik about the Cisco Annual Security Report (ASR). Our Cisco Champion guest host is Korey Rebello and our moderator is Cisco’s Brian Remmel.

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Cisco SME
Jason Brvenik, @vrybdpkt, Cisco Principal Engineer

Cisco Champion Guest Host
Korey Rebello, @koreyrebello, Principal Network Engineer

Brian Remmel, @Bremmel

What is the purpose of the Cisco Annual Security Report (ASR)?
Who is the ASR for?
“Wow” moments or information that came out of this year’s ASR
Current “anti-virus” applications in the Enterprise market versus other protection resources
New threats and increasing/decreasing threats

ASR Infographic
ASR Download

Cisco Champion Radio Hi All, questions welcomed in chat! Go!
bwhaynes Q: what are some of the “wow” moments or information that came out of this report? Was there anything new from previous years?
bwhaynes Q: The report talks about OpenSSL. Is that still an issue or has it been resolved?
@ChrisKnowsIT Q: what are the thoughts, regarding effectiveness, of current “anti-virus” applications in the Enterprise market (versus other protection resources)?
ciscokima I’d really love to get some of the highlights from the report — are certain types of threats increasing/decreasing? New threats emerging?
bwhaynes Q: I would like to hear any really scary security stories if they have any.
@ChrisKnowsIT Thanks
bwhaynes Q: What skillsets do tech people need to ramp up to tackle cybersecurity? (yeah sourcefire!). What does Senior Management need to do to ramp up?
keparra In the report it talks about who’s inform about security incidents. Ops and tech partners topped the list. What’s your thought around info sharing
keparra The report shows little difference in the number of security practitioners working in sophisticated and those less so. Could you elaborate?
keparra number of security practitioners working in organizations
keparra does it make a difference?
PriscillaOpp Pres Obama called for companies to share more cyberattack info with federal agencies during a recent summit. Do feds play a role in your opinion?


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