#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking about Branch Security with Cisco Subject Matter Experts Kural Arangasamy and Hai Bo Ma.

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Cisco SME
Kural Arangasamy, (@kuralvanan) Technical Engineer
Hai Bo Ma, Engineering product Manager

Cisco Champion Guest Hosts
Jake Gillen (@jakegillen & @ITSEC_jakeg), Senior Security
Eric Perkins (@perk_zilla), Principal Solutions Architect
Josh Warcop (@Warcop 60), Senior Consultant

Breana Jordan (@breanajordan12)


  • Primary topic is securing the branch since the solutions are being tested by IWAN team.
  • Discussing mainly branch security in general
  • Discussion topics:
    • Threat landscape and the need for a security solution in a branch environment
    • Use cases some of our customers are interested in
    • Solutions offered on our router platforms, specifically on the ISR platform
  • Security at top of mind
  • Now what we commonly see are attackers gaining access to the network and remain undetected for a long period of time.
  • Different type of threats and so we have different types of protection
  • Not one size fits all for a security solution
  • Common use case and solutions
    • Guest direct access to the internet
    • Secure cloud and partner access
    • Full direct internet access
    • Device posture based internet access
  • Best for customer to chose between one of the models
  • Q: Bandwidth is not expensive anymore, what’s the performance hit if you turn on all the features vs. back-hauling everything to headquarters?
  • Benefit and effort trade-off
  • Common use case and solutions with router platforms shows the different protections for all 4 use cases
  • The design guide for use cases:
  • CWS connector on ISR establishes an encrypted tunnel to CWS tower which has a CSR on the other end
  • Q: Is there any extra h/w or s/w required to do the device inspection?
  • Q: How do you trust wifi, how do you trust an access point? You can spoof a lot of this data
  • Q: Wondering about any real world examples…what are some examples of business that have transitioned to an IWAN? What are some positive things they experienced?
  • Q: Sizing guidelines? Is there a link to the sizing guidelines mentioned earlier?
  • Q: Container service within the ISR – are the ISRs now running linux?

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