CiscoChampion2015200PX#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’ll be talking with Cisco Champions about content creation for the IT professional. Rachel Bakker (@rbakker) is this week’s moderator.

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Cisco Champion SMEs
Aaron Delp, @aarondelp, Director of Technology Solutions
Justin Parisi, @NFSDudeAbides, Technical Marketing Engineer
John Welsh, @samplefive, Unified Communications Engineer

Cisco Champion Guest Hosts
Chris Nickl, @ck_nic, Cloud Infrastructure Architect
Muneeb Shah, @muneebshawz, Senior Network Security Specialist

Why content creation is important
Platform and equipment recommendations
Separating content creation for work vs. personal
Biggest lessons learned
Content creation tips

WordPress Plugins
Choosing a mircrophone
Lighting Equipment
Content Creation for Professional Development (Engineers Unplugged)
How to Create a Successful Podcast (Aaron Delp’s Social Media Heirarchy)

smitmartijn good evening
@ChrisKnowsIT Welcome
michelvankessel good evening
snoopj123 morning/evening folks!
@ChrisKnowsIT Any thoughts\recommendations for brand new blogger? Any suggestions on infrastructure\hosting options?
KongYang All the content that you create, act as a reference for you. It certainly can open doors for new career opportunities.
KongYang Every social media engagement is a potential job interview
ntwrk80 And I thought I was the only one that was using Blogger.
ciscokima I’m a Blogger blogger too in my other life.
aarondelp1 I’m gonna start writing blog posts again… someday
bwhaynes Q: Do you have a “mentor” blog site or blogger you would recommend?
KongYang Chris Wahl is really good – http://wahlnetwork.com/
PriscillaOpp Interesting comment about audio podcasts. I’m always scared that the audiophiles will slam me for poor audio quality…
k00laidIT @bwhaynes, when I started using wordpress This site was invaluable in getting started: http://trekker.net/archives/blogging-as-an-it-pro-what-i-use-wordpress-plugins/
WirelessStew Reposting some of your popular blogs on twitter really helps in getting readers back to your site.
Cisco Champion Radio Biggest lessons you’ve learned, either big picture or tactical?
SampleFive Choosing a microphone: http://wistia.com/learning/choosing-a-microphone
SampleFive Down and dirty lighting: http://wistia.com/learning/down-and-dirty-lighting-kit
k00laidIT Don’t stress, if you make 2 posts a month or 20, you are still putting it out there.
bwhaynes Any thoughts on how to separate church from state (work/private) when under a company policy? Does a short statement at the start of a blog help?
WirelessStew Sometimes it’s hard to separate the customer project you are working on
chris_nickl agreed
WirelessStew You have to be very creative
ntwrk80 Sometimes the project documentation becomes the blog post.
chris_nickl with names removed of course
parisi17 names redacted for their protection
PriscillaOpp Do you get a lot of comments on your blogs? Do you spend much time answering comments?
chris_nickl got both
@ChrisKnowsIT Do most allow commenting? Moderated? Do you find spam to be an issue?
chris_nickl yes
smitmartijn Q: have you ever gotten into trouble by posting something you worked on in your dayjob and put out there for free, if so, how did you deal with it
ntwrk80 I allow commenting, spam is an issue, therefore I moderate comments.
ciscokima Cisco has had to set up spam filters for the commenting.
bwhaynes Q: What was a memorable “wow” moment in your blog history. For example, did you get a huge thank you from someone that found huge value in your post?
vipinvk ‘Akismet’ is doing a very good job in removing spams from my WordPress blog.
chris_nickl Akismet is pretty good for me as well
Wendello Plugin “akismet” has worked wonders to get rid of most of the spam in my wordpress blogs… and I also moderate comments.
smitmartijn hah “resume generating event” – gonna steal that one
chris_nickl any other questions?
bwhaynes Q: do you use any social media tools? (ie HootSuite)
muneebshah Thank you aaron for the google tip, exactly what i was looking for
Mohamed Abousena i prefer tweetdeck
ciscokima I use HootSuite and Buffer
chris_nickl tweetdeck has been really nice in the past
parisi17 I use Firefox
ciscokima I moved off of tweetdeck because it wasn’t as easy to access on multiple platforms — phone, pc, chromebook, ipad…
chris_nickl true
aarondelp1 http://blogs.cisco.com/datacenter/engineersunpluggedprofessionaldevelopment
Guest 14 How do you manage your social media policies of your company in your communication?
aarondelp1 Social Media Pyramid: http://geek-whisperers.com/2013/07/podcast-13-how-to-create-a-successful-podcast-with-thecloudcastnet/
aarondelp1 That is the social media pyramid by Josh Atwell and I
@ChrisKnowsIT Awesome episode- great recommendations and insights. Big thank you to everyone.



Rachel Bakker

Social Media Advocacy Manager

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